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All copywriting articles have been moved to our
new Copywriting sub-site

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Niche Writing


This is a new sub-site where you'll find articles and resources about earning money from creating information products (ebooks)

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Book Reviews:



25 Ways to Write for Money - by Cheryl Wright

Become a Children’s Writer: Insider Secrets!
- by Cheryl Wright

Nonfiction Book Proposals Anyone Can Write
- by Beth Morrow

Hooking the Reader: Opening Lines that SELL
- by Cheryl Wright

What Would Your Character Do: Personality Quizzes for Analyzing Your Characters - by Beth Morrow

Building Believable Characters - by Beth Morrow

The Writer’s Partner: 1001 Breakthrough Ideas to
Stimulate Your Imagination - by Beth Morrow

Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes
- by Beth Morrow

Writing for Profit: Break into Magazines
- by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Sun Signs for Writers - by Beth Morrow

Bylines Calendar for Writers - by Beth Morrow

The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your
Publisher Won’t by Beth Morrow

Quick Cash Writing - by Cheryl Wright

Get a Freelance Life - by Beth Morrow

Making a Good Script Great - by Beth Morrow

Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer:
How to Win Top Writing Assignments - by Beth Morrow

Blockbuster Plots: Pure & Simple by Beth Morrow

The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living - by Carolyn Howard-Johnston

No More Rejections: 50 Secrets to Writing a Manuscript
That Sells - by Beth Morrow

The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes & Heroines: Sixteen MasterArchetypes - by Beth Morrow

First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building a
Complete and Cohesive Manuscript -  by Beth Morrow

Writing Short Fiction That Sells - by Beth Morrow

Writing from the Inside Out - by Beth Morrow

The Writer's Retreat: A Guide for Creative Exploration &
Personal Expression - by Beth Morrow

Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer - by Cheryl Wright

The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Success - by Beth Morrow

Coaching the Artist Within - by Beth Morrow

The Revised and Expanded Punctuation for Writers
- by Beth Morrow

Writing Realistic Dialogue and Flash Fiction - by Beth Morrow

Write Here, Write Now!: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Writing Career! - by Beth Morrow



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This is a new sub-site, and you'll find articles and resources about earning money from freelance writing at this site. We are still in the process of changing over, so you'll find some articles at each site. This should be complete very soon.

Please click here to visit Freelance.Writer2Writer


The following articles can still currently be found on this main site. Click links to read.





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Whimsical Board Talk - by Cheryl Wright

Talk to Me (Making Your Words Work for You)
- by
Rachel Carrington

Top Ten Things Every Aspiring Author Needs to Know- By Rachel Carrington

Setting as a Character - By Timothy Hallinan

Character Emotions - by  Lexi Jewlgia

Writing is Good Therapy - by Marilyn Henderson

Invite the reader in: a few tricks of making fiction
gripping - by Dr Bob Rich

Me, Myself & I: Writing First Person Point of View
- by Cheryl Wright

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? - by Marilyn Henderson

Writing - An Act of Magic - by Rob Parnell

How to Build a Novel Notebook - by Vicki Hinze

Know Your Audience - by Marilyn Henderson

Dazzle the Editor or Agent with a Query Letter
- by Selena Robins

Whose Voice Is That Anyway? - by Cheryl Wright

So You Wanna Win A Contest? - by Cheryl Wright

Today I Witnessed a Story - by Cheryl Wright

To Market, To Market - by Marilyn Henderson

Set the Hook: Grab Them With Your Opening - by Jeff Colburn

Make 'em Perfect - Give 'em Flaws! - by Cheryl Wright

Creating Characters from Life - by Cheryl Wright

The Writer's Identity: Exploring the Writer Within - by Lisa Collazo

Mystery, Mayhem and a dash of Murder: Basic ingredients for Romantic Suspense
- by Cheryl Wright


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Children's Writing


This is our latest sub-site, and you'll find articles and resources about children's writing at this site. All articles have been transferred, and we'll be adding new articles regularly.

Please click here to visit Childrens.Writer2Writer



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Writing Book Proposals That Publishers Read
 - By Barbara McNichol

Your Writing Anxiety - 10 Ways to Bring Relief - by Lynda Blake

Stop, I Want to Get Off the Merry-go-round! - by Cheryl Wright

Are You Achieving Your Writing Goals? - by Mridu Khullar

Short & Sweet - Tight & Neat - by C. Hope Clark

7 Deadly Mistakes that Cost you Money and Assignments
- by Mridu Khullar

5 Questions to Ask about Every Article Idea - by Mridu Khullar

7 Steps Toward Successful Article Writing - by Matthew Keegan

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This is a new sub-site where you'll find articles and resources on time management and stress relief - specifically for writers. Click here to visit the site.


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Hit a Rut in Your Work? Take an Online Writing Course - by Caroline Blaha-Black

Everyday Courage and the Writer - by Holly Lisle

Planning for a Bumper Year: A guide to boosting your writing income in 2007 - by Cheryl Wright

Bust Through Holiday Stress and Keep Writing
by Cheryl C. Malandrinos 

The 5 Most Awesome Forms of Punctuation
- by Laurel Osterkamp

How Self-Published Books Create Highly
Profitable Businesses - by
Robert Skrob

How to be in the Right Place at the Right Time:
How I Got Published - by
Katrina Kittle

Tips from a Slush Pile Find: How One Writer Got an Agent - by Ronlyn Domingue

Writing & Publishing Tips: How To Get a Top Literary Agent & Sign That Coveted 6 Figure Deal - by Susan Harrow

Selling to the Greeting Card and Calendar Markets
by Melanie Rockett

Selling to the Greeting Card and Calendar Markets Part Two
by Melanie Rockett

Writing Scams - How to Protect Yourself by Karolina Blaha-Black

Get a Grip on that Writer's Block - by Roy A Barnes

Do You Judge a Book by its Title? - by Cheryl Wright

Finding the Right Publication for You - by Cheryl Wright

On Writing and Writhing - by Wayne Scheer

Motivation Revisited - by Cheryl Wright

The Motivation Factor - by Cheryl Wright

The Ultimate Professional - by Cheryl Wright

The Writing (Grand) Parent - by Cheryl Wright

Putting On the Style - by Andrew John

The Tadpole's Tale - by Andrew John

My World of Squiggles - by Andrew John


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         Last updated: November 23, 2013