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Absolute Write

A huge community for writers. Hosts very popular forums where writers can meet and discuss a variety of writing-related topics. Relates to both fiction and non-fiction.

Apollo's Lyre

Apollo's Lyre is an online ezine loaded with writing articles, author profiles, book announcements, etc... for writers of every caliber and genre.


Aussie Authors

Don't let the name deceive you. If you need publicity, then check this out.  This is a site owned by Cheryl Wright, and has a sole purpose of assisting authors Australian and New Zealand authors with publicity. There are lots of free services, and only a small handful of paid ones.  This site will also help you connect with readers. 

*If you don't live in Australia or NZ, check it out anyway - you're sure to get ideas for your own promotions. We're gradually adding other countries, so keep checking.

Author Promotion

Author & Book Promotion is a listing of promotional resources for authors and provides access to free articles, resources, marketing tips and suggestions to book promotion. 


BookConnector.com is a site that helps small press authors to find book promotion resources on the internet, especially online book review sites and booksigning venues. The site is unique in two ways: it customizes the author's manuscript to its database of book promotion resources; and it promotes a sense of community by helping authors to help each other.

Creative Writing & Writing.com

Writing.Com is the online community for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels. Whether you're an enthusiastic, creative writer looking for the perfect place to store and display your writing online or a casual reader searching for a good story, Writing.Com is the website for you!

Easy Way to Write

Easy Way to Write is a website packed solid with good resources for writers, including books and affordable writing courses. Owned by Rob Parnell.

Fiction Factor

Loads of articles and resources for Writers. Owned by Lee Masterson and Tina Morgan.

Filbert Publishing

Interesting place to learn about the business of writing. Main focus is non-fiction.

First Choice for Writers

This site is really about promoting the owner's writing services, but has an extensive list of resources, websites, and associations for writers. Worth a look.


If food writing is your forte, then this site is for you. The total focus is on food writing. Sign up there for the newsletter, and check out the food-writing classes. Free newsletter. Owned by Pamela White.

How to Do It Frugally

Loads of tips for writers who need publicity (and that's all of us, right?).  Owned by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of The Frugal Book Promoter.



MuseItUp Club

The MuseItUp Club is a place for serious writers of fiction to meet. The main purpose of the group is critiquing, and members are matched appropriately. All skill levels welcome.


Novelspotters, comprised of creators and consumers of all fiction genres, is a collaborative of writers, readers, editors, publishers and others in the book industry. We are dedicated to providing a networking venue to meet the varied needs of those in the writer's marketplace. Members access the Novelspot website for reviews and news, get listed in our extensive author directory, and keep up with the buzz on Novelspotters Author's chat list. Wouldn't you like to be a 'spotter too?

Piers Anthony

Check out publishers listed here. If there's a problem, or even if there's not, you'll likely find it listed here.

Preditors & Editors

This site is similar in essence to the Piers Anthony site, but much more extensive.

The Editorial Department

The Editorial Department is a 25-year-old independent editing firm founded by a former William Morrow senior editor that specializes in assisting writers in turning their raw manuscripts into saleable projects. We offer a comprehensive range of editorial services including preliminary evaluations, copyediting, proofreading, consultations, line-editing, and ghost writing. In some cases, we also match up writers with an appropriate literary agent. (Check out their ezine for writers:

Winning Writers

Great site for finding writing contests as well as hints on winning them. Free newsletter.


WriteItNow - Novel Writing Software

WriteItNow contains many useful tools such as word count, readability index, Thesaurus, title and name generator, and spelling checker. There are sections for Characters, Locations, Events, Chapters, Overview and Submissions. A tree-view and charts help you to visualise your story's structure and time lines. A free demo version may be downloaded from the website.

Write What You Know

Liza Collazo is a writing coach who specializes in working with what Julia Cameron describes as "blocked creatives" in her book The Artist's Way. She helps writers discover their authentic voice and challenges them to take risks with their writing.




Web site marketing

Resources4Marketers is another of Cheryl's websites.  If you would like to make money on the internet by selling products (your own or other people's) then check out this site.  You will learn techniques necessary to make an online income.



AffiliateSeeking.com - Affiliate Programs Directory
A directory that lists a large amount of affiliate programs. These include pay per click search engines, cpa, cps, residual income programs, two tier programs, and much more...

If you are the owner or editor of a website (or egroup) for writers and would like it listed here, please advise by sending an email.


Crime Writers egroup

If you want to write crime, and you want to ensure it's authentic, you need this group. The group is comprised of writers (of course!) as well as past and present police officers, crime scene investigators, and FBI agents etc. Great place for relevant information.

Mike's Writing Workshop

Hosted by award-winning writer/journalist Michael P. Geffner, this lively discussion forum of over 6,500 members has been voted among the best resource sites in the annual Preditors & Editors poll. It's friendly to all writing genres and emphasizes camaraderie; the sharing of instruction, information, and inspiration; positive thinking and constructive criticism.

Mr. Geffner also hosts a sister group exclusively for New York City area writers:

New York City Writers

Publishing and Promoting

Every writers needs to promote themselves. If you need help in this area, or you want to learn more, this group is for you!

World Romance Writers

If you're a romance writer, this chatty group may be right up your alley. This group is made up of writers, editors, and publishers - all willing to give a helping hand.



         Last updated: October 26, 2009