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'Show, Don't Tell' Study Pack


Robyn Opie

Best Selling Australian Author of 64 Children's Books


Dear Friend,

Do you want to finally learn the secret ingredient to all good writing – and discover the tricks and techniques that WILL set you apart and easily enable you to create fiction no-one can possibly ignore?

Then read on:

Show don’t tell, show don’t tell, show don’t tell…

It’s like some incessant mantra that writing teachers chant at their students – but do they really hear?

Show, don’t TELL!

Publishers and editors too will throw the phrase at you, with a patronizing air, as though you have deliberately not done so. What do you do in these situations? Simply shrug and move on?

Show, DON’T tell...

The reading public, strangely, seems completely oblivious to the distinction, except in an obvious, vote with their feet way – that is: authors that SHOW always outsell authors that TELL by about 100 to 1!

SHOW, don’t TELL.

I can’t stress how important it is to grasp the profound difference between showing and telling in your writing.

And what a powerful impact it can make – to your readers, of course, but more especially to your chances of being taken seriously by the publishing industry.

So, take the advice, okay? Show, and do not tell.

Yes, but what does the phrase actually mean?

Do you know what one ingredient all best-selling novels have in common? Are you thinking they are all great stories written by brilliant authors? That they all just ‘happened’ to sell plenty of copies at the bookstores?

Perhaps - but there's one common ingredient every one of those best-selling writers includes into each book...

The one trait that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end...

The one quality that has editors begging for more manuscripts...

The one ingredient your story should have, too...

Do you know what it is?

The authors of these books are masters in the art of showing – not telling.

Wouldn’t you like to see your own novel up on those best-seller lists, too?

Let's face it - an editor is going to show a preference for a professionally written manuscript, containing every ingredient possible to make sure your chances of success are maximized.

The art of showing your story to your readers versus telling them about it is not a skill that comes easily to many writers. But it is a skill that can be learned.

In my time as a writing teacher and mentor, I’ve been forced to realize that many writers really don’t seem to know – even if they think and say they do!

What about you? Do you know how to turn tired, dry storytelling into vivid and compelling prose?

Even if you do in principle, do you still experience difficulty actually changing the way you tell stories?

Well, maybe that’s because nobody in authority – someone who really knows – has ever gone out of their way to explain what to do and how its done – in a down-to-earth, practical and doable way.

Until now.

The "Show, Don't Tell" Study Pack from Robyn Opie, author of 64 published books

Now you can learn to enhance your own writing from the comfort of your own computer!

This comprehensive e-book will show you how best-selling authors create their masterpieces. You’ll learn how they hook audiences into each novel and keep them breathlessly turning pages until they reach the end!

Here's what students' have been saying about my
Show, Don't Tell Study Pack:

“Thanks, Robyn. I will definitely take your advice (because) hope to get published some day. This is my first ever home fiction writing course and I have certainly learned a whole lot. I can see my growth because of it. I like your insight…I like the way you are able to go through with a fine-tooth comb and look for credibility, clarity and ambiguity, consistency in detail, and those elements of 'telling' that seep through in spite of ourselves - in short, the things I could not see in my own writing. You have taught me how to re-read with a critical eye, and, therefore, how to revise and improve my work. I will be on the look out for more of your resources. I am surely glad I bought this one! I truly appreciate your dedication, thoroughness, and expertise... Thank you ever so much.” Kathleen

”I can only give you a rave notice. I found (your teaching) both enjoyable and informative… I’m sure I have learnt a lot. The examples you show really stood out and were a really big help.” Bruce

”Everything you say makes so much sense… I wanted to tell you that I particularly like the examples you use.  It's nice to know the 'greats' aren't so perfect either. Your explanations are delightfully clear. Thank you so much.” Sue

This unique Study Pack from one of the Net’s greatest authorities on writing is available now!

It features: 10 in-depth modules and assignments


* Show Don’t Tell – What It Is and How It Works.

* Immediacy in the Better Genre Fiction

* Characters – Do They Feel Real or Real Distant?

* Show, Don't Tell Supplemental

* Dialogue: All You Want to Do is Talk Talk

* The Holy Trinity – Conflict, Obstacle and Drama

* Gunpowder, Gallows, Treason and Plot

* Money for Old Rope: Short Stories Revisited

* Seven Strategies for Submission Success

* Show, Don't Tell Bonus!

Inside this pack, you get serious in-depth analysis on every aspect of story construction from characterization, perfecting dialogue, handling conflict, plotting, self-editing and much, much more.

All this for the special introductory price: only $29.95


Click on the above link and the entire study pack will be yours within seconds.

It even goes into detail as to how you can re-write short stories you thought were dead in the water but with a little bit of ‘show don’t tell’ magic can be transformed into veritable cash pulling machines!

No kidding!

Because, despite what you may believe, editors, agents and publishers are crying out for good MSS that engage the reader by the technique of showing rather than telling.

It’s just that most authors simply don’t get it…

Show, don’t tell. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

But do you really you know the difference?

Are you sure? Pay less than the absurdly low price of just under $30 for the entire package and you will be.

Do it now.

Telling is so implicit in the soul of so many writers, it could be you’re not even aware when you’re doing it to the detriment of your success.

Don’t take the risk that you’re missing out on your chance to become a best-selling author.

Learn from a master.

Click Here Right Now!

   Happy writing!

   Robyn Opie

PS: Ever wondered why certain of your stories/novels are continually rejected? Especially the ones you’re the most proud of? Think about one of your works now.

Is it passive – or fully active?

Is it the best it can be? Are you capable of improving it, changing its focus and creating a world where your readers live, as opposed to having them wade through so much static and dispiriting text?

If you’re in any doubt whatsoever, you must look at this study pack. You can have all your money back within 30 days if you’re not completely blown away.


PPS: And at just under $30 this exciting, revelatory study pack is so affordable, you’d have to be crazy not to take advantage of this very special offer.

After all, what price success?


         Last updated: February 19, 2007