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'Show, Don't Tell' Master Course

Conducted by Best Selling Australian Author

of 64 Children's Books

Robyn Opie



Discover the tricks and techniques that all the best writers use. You know the ones I mean - those elusive 'secret ingredients' -  the things that set you apart from everyone else.

Show don’t tell.

You hear it all the time, but what the heck does it mean???

As a writer, published or not, Show, Don't Tell is a phrase you will hear repeatedly, whether you understand it or not. If you want to get published, then baby, you better understand it!

Potential publishers will tell you, editors will tell you, and your writing friends will tell you too.
Show, Don't Tell!!
Get used to it - the technique is here to stay!

You want to get published, right?

You want to have a following, too?

You want to be the best writer you can be?

Then you need to understand this concept! No discussion, no argument.

'Telling' will bore your readers, 'showing' will help them to visualise the story, to be more connected. 'Telling' won't get you published, 'showing' has much more potential.

"Okay," you say, "but what does Show, Don't Tell mean?????"

Think back to the novels you've read. How many of them helped you to visualise the story in your mind? And how many just left you wondering what the heck you were doing reading that book? My educated guess would be that author in the first instance employed Show, Don't Tell in his/her prose, whereas the author in the latter example didn't.

Without a doubt, there is one common ingredient in all best selling books....

An important trait that keeps readers begging for more....

Something that editors recognise, and keeps them offering more contracts....

That 'secret' - the thing that must be included is: Show, Don't Tell. Master that, and you're well on your way to becoming a successful author.

Everything you said makes so much sense.  It goes back to what I said before - I know what the character is thinking or doing - but I have to be more conscious of what the reader doesn't know.  I hate to say it but I think I'm getting the point -  Your input is greatly appreciated and I wanted to tell you that I particularly like the examples you use.  It's nice to know the 'greats' aren't so perfect either.  Your explanations are brief but delightfully clear.  Thank you so much.

Sue T, USA

I'm really enjoying this, Robyn.  I've started looking for examples as I read and it is giving me good instead into who are truly good authors.  I look forward to the next lesson.

Cathy G,.

I've learnt more from you in our time together than I have in the past five years with a variety of tutors, both in the UK and US.

Charles B, Australia

Not only do you need to understand the Show, Don't Tell concept, there are other areas of crafting a story that you need to understand as well:

  • Characterisation

  • Dialogue

  • Conflict

  • Plotting

  • Self-Editing

  • Handling Submissions

In this course, you will get one-on-one tutoring and feedback. You won't be left out in the dark, trying to understand lessons without assistance. Learning from home is one of the major benefits of the Internet Age!

You will learn what constitutes a professionally crafted manuscript, what makes editors contract stories, and how to follow suit.

In this Master Class from Robyn Opie, author of 64 published children's books, you will learn the secrets you need to become a published author. If you are already published, the techniques and concepts taught will reinforce and enhance your knowledge.


Cost is just US$77-00

Click Here to Enrol Now!

Course Details:
Week One Show Don’t Tell – What It Is and How It Works
Week Two Immediacy in the Better Genre Fiction
Week Three Characters – Do They Feel Real or Real Distant?
Week Four Dialogue: All You Want to Do is Talk Talk
Week Five The Holy Trinity – Conflict, Obstacle and Drama
Week Six Gunpowder, Gallows, Treason and Plot
Week Seven Supplemental
Week Eight Money for Old Rope: Short Stories Revisited
Week Nine Seven Strategies for Submission Success - Bonus: A Reviewer's Perspective

Cost is just US$77-00

Click here now to enrol in this exciting new course!

Still not sure?

Then ask yourself these questions:

Can I resurrect near-dead stories and make them saleable?

Do I understand the Show, Don't Tell technique?

What are the concepts needed to craft a saleable story?

Am I growing as a writer?

Is my work the best it possibly can be?

Can I afford not to undertake this course?

If you want to become a successful author, then take the plunge. For the low price of just US$77-00, you could be joining the ranks of published authors around the world!

You give us great exercises and then the feedback! Thank you.

Elizabeth A, USA

It's a very thorough insight and enjoyable to work with.

Barrie, Great Britain


Cost is just US$77-00

Click here and launch your writing career today!

(Lesson one will arrive approximately 24 hours after enrolment)


Just released!

This course is now available as an ebook - without feedback.

For full details, click here.


         Last updated: February 19, 2007