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7 Steps Toward Successful Article Writing

Copyright: Matthew Keegan– All rights reserved

As you write the outline for your next article, there are seven steps for you to consider in order for you to write successfully. I have put these steps into an acrostic, PURPOSE, which can help you write something that your readers will find interesting, informative, and memorable.

Passion. If you do not show passion [or interest] in the topic at hand, do not expect your readers to be interested either! Either stay with those topics that interest you or get interested in those that don't by educating yourself about the topic. Chances are your research will spark your interest.

Understanding. You cannot expect to persuade or educate your readers if you do not fully understand the topic. You need not be an expert on the topic but you need to be at least a learned student of the experts.

Responsibly. Oh, how I wish everyone would write trustworthy material. Do not get sucked in by the crowd who would want you to produce rubbish based on conjecture, gossip, slander, etc. Stick with the facts and as much as possible leave your opinion out. Finding it difficult to avoid expressing your opinion? Well, at the very least, do not let your opinion take center stage!

Poise. Stay on message and do not flame [or enflame] your readers. Even in the most controversial writings you must keep your cool. Belittling, berating, or embarrassing your readership is plain wrong in my eyes.

Objective. What are you trying to convey in your writing? Your topic sentence should drive the body of your article. Does it do that or are your thoughts wandering about?

Sincerity. You can be passionate about a topic but insincere. Engage your readers and speak with them, not at them.

Educate: Yes, there should be at least one point made within your article that causes your readers to pause and think, “Hmmm...I didn’t know that.” Enlighten your readers by educating your readers.

Writing with PURPOSE can be easy, but it does take effort. By leaving a positive, lasting impact with your readers you will have helped shaped society at least in a small way. Shouldn't that be the goal of every author?

About the author:
Matt is The Article Writer who enjoys writing for plain, old "purpose" as well as for "profitable purpose". Matt also designs and manages websites; you can see a sample of his work here

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         Last updated: February 19, 2007