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Research Links

Crime, Suspense, Mystery Character Names & Generators

Historical Information

Medical Information

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This page has been set up to help writers with research. Your writing colleagues would greatly appreciate any links you have that are not shown on this page.  Because there are literally millions of links on the net, there is no way the site owner can know about all of them. YOU are our eyes and ears!


Crime, Suspense, and Mystery

Crime Magazine - True Crime Stories. Great for finding ideas or information

Crime Writers egroup - members include FBI agents (former or current), crime scene investigators, police officers, private investigators, published authors and more.

Blood at the Source: Research Tips for Mystery Writers- A guide for mystery writers on how to use
libraries and the Web for research. Includes information about using libraries, Internet research, and "getting the most out of reference librarians." From librarian and mystery author Barbara Fister.

FBI Homepage - lots of good information, but not as easy to access as previously.

The Smoking Gun features documents: police reports, autopsy reports, court records. If you want to see Elvis's autopsy report, read the Texas dragging death police report, or find out who is stalking Janet Jackson, this is the place. Most of it is news of the weird, but the true value of the site is that these are actual scans of actual documents. What does an autopsy or police report look like? If you're not a cop or a lawyer you may never come across the real thing. But you can go to this site and see for yourself.

Writing Realistic Injuries - Comprehensive guide

Cut and Thrust of Blade Combat

Character Names and Generators

The Baby Center's Baby Name Finder - great source for character names.

Historical Information


The Finer Times - Includes information about various historical events that affected the world.  Great for research purposes.

British Surnames - this is a really useful website that gives not only British surnames, but describes the original geographical location and socio-economic background of those names.

DMarie's Time Capsule - plug in any date and find out what the bestselling book, most popular movie, price of groceries and lot of other details for that date, whether in the distant or recent past.

This site is so extensive, I can't begin to explain what you'll find there.  As well as historical research links, you'll also find heaps of links to writing related resources.

Need information about underwear from different eras? This site will help

This site has a tremendous amount of info regarding the 1800's, plus links to others. You might find what you're looking for under "Daily Life." The "Time Line" alone is worth the trip.

History Timelines for different countries - Search by country or century

History of Colonial Soapmaking Techniques

Dominion and Domination of the Gentle Sex: The Lives of Medieval Women

Outline of American History

Military History Timeline

North American Indian History Sites

History Resources

19th Century America

Early America

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation

The American Colonist's Library (what they read)

More than 300 links to Victorian topics, with a focus on arts and literature, arranged alphabetically.

Medieval costume links


http://www.costumes.org/pages/medievalinks.htm can get lost in this
site. There is even a link for medieval York.

http://members.aol.com/nebula5/tcpinfo2.html  - another one to get lost in




Regency Era

Map from the Regency Era - Scroll down, and below the map you will find several street/section names and where to find them on the map.

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Medical Information

Easy-to-Read Health and Medical Sites - Links to health information for the layperson on common illnesses and conditions.

Herbal Remedies

Easy-to-Read Health and Medical Sites - links to health information for the layperson on common illnesses and conditions. The information linked to is in formats that are easy to reproduce, and this is an excellent source of materials for people with limited reading skills. About twenty-five of the links are to information in Spanish. The sites were chosen by health professionals from the staff at the National Networks of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM).


Google Maps - want to know the street names around your heroine's office? Ask Google Maps. Click on the link in the upper right hand corner for a satellite image of the area to get an idea of the buildings situated there, trees, etc.

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Grammar & Punctuation

The Grammar and Punctuation Glossary - a fantastic resource from http://www.accredited-online-college-degrees.com (We have no affiliation - it's just a great resource!)

Grammar Slammer - your grammar questions answered here.

Commas can be tricky little suckers.  Sort them out here.    


Interview & Other Information

Profnet - need to find an expert in a particular field to interview? Post a request on profnet and it will go out to more than 16,000 experts who can then contact you directly.

How Stuff Works - want to know about NASCAR, professional photography, movie making, or any of hundreds of topics? Type in your request and How Stuff Works will fill you in on the details.

Wikipedia - this online encyclopedia has information about almost anything.

Babyhold - 20,000 unique baby names and their meanings.  Great for naming characters!


Need An Editor or Agent or Publisher?

Preditors and Editors - check out agents &/or editors here.

Piers Anthony site is where you can also check on publishers and agents etc.  This site is regularly updated - whenever Piers gets new information.  The majority of the info comes from writers, so it's usually very accurate. *I usually go here before Preditors and Editors.


Romance Specific links can be found here


Have or know of a resource you'd like added? Contact by  sending an email.

*Please report any broken, dated, or irrelevant links
you may find


         Last updated: September 03, 2010