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Writing Prompts

Using Photographs

(Includes descriptions for vision impaired)


Start description:

The setting is a river bank.  Ten extremely tall trees hover over the edge, their branches thin, and leaves smallish. Lush grass can be seen all around. The sun filters from between the branches and beams across the photograph playing with the light and the mood of the scene.

It appears there is a light wind and the branches could be swaying gently as a result. The water holds the reflection of the gigantic trees that hover nearby.

The entire scene portrays serenity.

End of description.

Start description:

The background is pitch black, and there are two items sitting on what appears to be a piece of silk material, but could just as easily be some sort of receptacle for the items.

To the left is a gold goblet with a lid. The lid has a column-like top. This could and probably would be used to take the lid off the goblet.

The second item is a bowl. It also is gold and has a small amount of water in it. In the water are three candles, all of which are alight. These give the picture an eery feeling about it, while at the same time, it has a calming effect.

I get the impression that this could be in a religious building or setting of some sort, but nothing in the photograph confirms that.  

End of description.

Start description:  

This photograph is a fun one. It has a giant red shoe in the background - much like Old Mother Hubbard's shoe - and there are a number of large boulders sitting behind the shoe.

In the foreground to the left are three toadstools, with blue and white spotted roofs. On the right hand side are two more toadstools, but these have pointed roofs, which are coloured purple.

A number of gnomes are scattered about the scene, and some of them have a stunned look about them.

There are trees, grass, and bush throughout the photograph, and in some places, we get tiny glimpses of gnomes - they look as though they could be spying. On what, we don't know.

End of description.


Watch for more prompts!


Note: Photographs are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission


         Last updated: February 19, 2007