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The Writer's Partner:
1001 Breakthrough Ideas to Stimulate
Your Imagination

Written by Martin Roth 2001

Michael Wiese Productions

350 Pages

Reviewed by Beth Morrow ©2007– All rights reserved


Sure, the subtitle of The Writer’s Partner by Martin Roth boasts "1001 Breakthrough Ideas to Stimulate Your Imagination", but does it deliver?

Depends on what you’re looking for.

Looking for exercises for setting goals? Sorry, not here. Want suggestions for making your synopsis sparkle? Try again. How about plotting diagrams, editing insight or query letter advice? No, no and…no.

But if you’re looking for a fascinating read full of insight you never imagined and information to spark ideas from now until 2025, The Writer’s Partner is your book.

In an introductory section entitled "Putting Your Writer’s Partner to Work for You", it is advised that the book not be read in sequential order but instead read as best determined by the writer. With 25 sections including information on such topics as Briticisms, female names in five languages, comedic problems of the elderly, methods of murder and sea vehicles, that’s good advice to consider.

The thorough and detailed table of contents will give you a concise view of the book’s contents and point you in the right direction for whatever you’re seeking. Of particular interest, the first three chapters (The Story First, Characters and Development and Storytelling and Plotting) apply to all fiction writers regardless of genre. From there, we move into chapters on action/adventure, sci-fi, horror, romance/love and comedy situations. Rounding out the rest of the book are chapters on such topics as medicine, the Old West, the military, espionage, sports, language, religion, crime and marriage and the family.

The only limitation/drawback of the information in The Writer’s Partner isn’t exclusive to this book. While the 2001 publication date was the third edition, some of the information has been rendered obsolete or updated (i.e. the addition of the Columbus Blue Jackets to the National Hockey League but not included in the book) as is with the nature of information.

While a cheesy cliché, The Writer’s Partner: 1001 Breakthrough Ideas to Stimulate Your Imagination really does offer something for everyone, whether you’re seeking advice or need something to spark the next great story idea. Give it a test-drive today!


About the author: Beth Morrow is a freelance writer who has more ideas than she could ever count. When she isn’t working on deadline, she enjoys writing fiction and updating her blog for writers at www.fountainpeninc.blogspot.com Visit her on the web at www.bethmorrow.com


         Last updated: April 23, 2007