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Write Here, Write Now!: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Writing Career!

by Lee Masterson and Tina Morgan

Desert Star Publishing

55 pages (ebook)

Reviewed by Beth Morrow

Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

Some of the best writing advice doesn't come from books or stories of how the average writer worked to become the rich-and-famous writer. No, some of the best, most helpful advice on how to become the writer you've always wanted to be comes from conversations with writing friends who have managed to overcome obstacles to rise to the ranks of the published.

If you're not lucky enough to have those published friends to confide in, pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit down with Write Here, Write Now!: A Step-By-Step Guide to Launching Your Writing Career! In a friendly, been-there-done-that-and-you-can-too tone, Lee Masterson and Tina Morgan give insight on a variety of writing issues that can come between your words and publication.

From writer's block to sales and promotion, Masterson and Morgan share with struggling and seasoned writers alike what sets apart the hobbyist writer from the professional. The table of contents touches on almost every aspect of the writing process: writer's block, procrastination, writing what you know, creativity, productivity, publishing, research, submissions, rejections and finally, acceptance.

While much of the book is intended for the novice writer, there are inspirational stories for writers of all levels illustrating the positive mindsets and behaviors that brought ordinary people extraordinary success. Flashes of humor (see Rejection) mixed with solid, time-tested writing advice make this book one you'll read again for a boost when the muse just won't cooperate.

When you need writing advice and have no one to call, Write Here, Write Now! can become your trusted resource until you break through to the successful writing career you've envisioned.

About the author: Beth Morrow is a freelance writer fortunate enough to have a wonderful group of writing friends to turn to for advice, commiseration and chocolate. In addition to both regional and national publishing credits, she authors a daily blog of writing resources and a free monthly newsletter for writers of all genres. To subscribe, visit her blog at: www.writers-loft.blogspot.com



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