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~ Writer's Guidelines ~

Please note revised guidelines

*Updated May 31, 2010*


General Info

Current Needs

Formatting Requirements


Rights and Payment

Payment Mode

How to Submit

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General Information:

Firstly, let me say that I only publish articles that will help writers to hone their craft or make money from their writing. Sounds plausible, right? But you wouldn't believe how many articles submissions I receive that have no relationship to writing whatsoever.

To see the type of articles I have accepted in the past, check out our published articles. This will give you an idea of the types of topics I seek, but basically I'm after articles in every area of writing. Naturally the information needs to teach, while at the same time be entertaining and hold the attention of the reader. (Much the same as a magazine or other publication would accept.)

This article may be a helpful guide to writing your article/s.

There is no limit on word count, but as a general guide keep to a minimum of 300 words. There is no set maximum - whatever it takes - but I prefer an upper limited of 1,000 works as I've found that 750 to 1,000 words is a good length for articles published on the Internet. (Reading on computer screens is much harder than reading from paper.)

All submissions must be well-written - that goes without saying.

Completed submissions should be sent to , with 'submission' in the subject line. Please don't send a query unless I've specifically requested it from you.  As a working writer myself, I simply don't have the time to respond to stand-alone queries.

A response will normally be received within two weeks. If not, it may mean my ISP ate it, so please email again. (I try to respond the same day or at most, the same week, but that is not always possible, especially when I have deadlines looming.)

Authors of submitted subjects need to be experienced and published in the subject they are writing about.



Tips and Hints:

Please ensure that your submission is error free. I don't have the time to be editing your work because you haven't done it properly yourself. Your submission should have the correct punctuation, and words spelled correctly -- for your country. Please format correctly as well. That is, one line space between paragraphs, no hard returns at the end of lines - except for paragraph breaks - and don't indent the first line of paragraphs. (Click here for more info)

Please write tight - I pay a flat fee, not per word. If your writing is sloppy (in other words, you haven't written tight), I'm less likely to purchase it.

I will often ask writers to make changes and resubmit to make the article better.  If you're not prepared to do that, please don't submit. I am happy to work with writers who are willing to make (or at the very least consider) suggested changes, but I need to know those writers are going to comply when necessary.


Hint: Treat this submission exactly as you would for a regular magazine or publication.  I expect submissions to be professional, and won't accept anything less.



You will retain all rights to your work. Articles will be published in the 'Writer to Writer' ezine and on the website simultaneously. They will remain there indefinitely, unless the author requests their removal.

As I will be purchasing 'first rights' I do expect that to be the case. (Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I was caught out on this a while back.) This is not checked - honesty is an important factor in this instance. Please note that I require two weeks exclusive rights from date of publication. You are then free to distribute your article however you deem appropriate.

These articles will attract payment of US$10.

I do accept reprints, but the majority of these attract no payment. (Sorry, the Internet is flooded with reprints - mine included.)

If your article has been published before, but can't be found in every nook and cranny over the internet, payment of US$5 is applicable. When submitting, please tell me where the article has been published before.

In both cases, payment will be on publication.



Payment will only be made via PayPal so you must have a valid PayPal account.

I have recently implemented a new system.  Once your article has been accepted, I will require an invoice via PayPal to make payment.

This is simply because I get busy and then forget to make payment when it's due.  If you want payment, you'll need to bill me!  I only require a basic invoice, which includes the title of your article, along with the amount.  (PayPal takes care of the rest automatically.)

The invoice should be sent via PayPal to cheryl(at)writer2writer.com

I *try* to remind writers to invoice me, but I do sometimes forget.  (I constantly juggle projects, so it's not surprising!)


Other Relevant Information:

Please do not email and ask what subjects or topics I'm after. I simply don't have the time to find article ideas for you. Scout around the website - if you see any voids, you've found what I need. I have regular columnists who did just that. (If you have specific ideas and want to run them by me, that's fine.)

And don't forget to include a short bio with your submission; this will also give me an idea of what you've done before.

Having a submission accepted does not mean you are employed by this website or its owner. You are a contract worker, and as such, are responsible for your own tax, accounting, etc.

Formatting Requirements:

All submissions should be sent as a Word attachment, formatted as follows:

  • No indent on paragraphs

  • One line space between paragraphs

  • Font: Verdana or Tahoma 12

  • Full justify

Please include a short - 2 to 3 sentence - bio at the end of the submission.

Most submissions received do not include a bio.  It is very time consuming for me to chase people up for these, so I'm no longer doing so. 

No bio will result in an automatic 'rejected' decision.


Current Needs:


Cheryl's Wish List:



The focus of the site has altered somewhat over the years, and I'm concentrating more on helping writers earn an income from their writing. If you have ideas that you can compile into an article, and those ideas will help writers earn income from their writing skills, I want to hear from you.

I constantly purchase articles to be used on the site and in the newsletter, and I'm on the lookout for many more.  I want to keep the site fresh, while providing writers with ways to earn money as a writer. 

Many of our visitors are totally new to writing, but we also cater to those visitors who are more experienced.  These are the writers these money-making articles are geared toward.

Submitted articles may cover a range of topics (i.e. freelance magazine writing, content writing, SEO writing, copywriting, ebook writing, etc), but please keep to just one topic per article. 

I tend to use the same writers repeatedly if I'm happy with their work.  This saves me a lot of time and effort.  Don't be put off by this because I am totally open to working with writers whose work I've never seen before.  Quality and content are the most important issues for me - not who wrote the article.

If I like your article idea but feel it needs work, I will make suggestions in most cases.  If you're willing to work with me to make it publishable, and/or make it appeal to my target audience, I will be more than happy to work with you. Often repeatedly.




Article topics that interest me are:

  • Copywriting --- desperately seeking

  • Niche Writing/Product Creation -- desperately seeking

  • Children's Writing -- desperately seeking

  • Time Management

  • Transition from Hobby to Business

  • Freelance Writing

  • Romance Writing

  • Marketing for Writers

*These are just a snap-shot.  Contact me with any ideas you might have but are not sure will interest me.



I'm always looking for articles about the romance genre  to use at http://Romance.Writer2Writer.com  - good articles about romance are difficult to locate.  My preference is for brand-new articles, but I will take reprints if necessary.

Please read all the above details, as they are applicable to these articles too.

Note: I will *sometimes* accept articles about writing erotica, but they must be purely instructional and contain no profanities.






Our current sub-sites are:


Time Management


Niche Writing

Freelance Writing

Children's Writing


My plan is to add the following sub-sites sometime in the future:


Children's Writing - done

Christian Writing

Erotica Writing

Fantasy Writing

Fiction Writing


If you have ideas or articles in any of these areas, feel free to submit them.  There's no reason they cannot be used at this point in time.



Writer2Writer.com will give you heaps of exposure.  We get between 92,000 and 115,000 hits per month - usually closer to the latter - with approximately 5,700 - 7,500 new visitors per month. And we have more than 6,600 subscribers (and growing daily) to our Writer to Writer ezine. *These stats do not include the visitor numbers for the sub-sites. 

Competition is high; writers are vying to be published on this website, hence the reason I always have a back-log of articles to review.





         Last updated: May 30, 2011