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Doing The Write Thing:
The Easy Way to Self Edit

Hi there, 

It’s time to get on with the important stuff. Like getting our writing careers  on track!

To do that, we need to get more submissions and queries out there – onto the desks of editors and publishers.

And we need those submissions and queries to look good. 

Because the more professional we are seen to be, the more we are trusted to deliver the goods (the writing) and the more chances we are given to prove ourselves (by getting published).

But getting our work to look its best can be a challenge. 

We need to make sure our MSS are well written, in faultless English and in the correct format, otherwise, quite frankly, we really don’t stand a chance.


Let me ask you a question.

What do you think is the single most common reason for MS rejection?

Bad ideas? A weak plot? Lack of credits?

Uh–uh. None of the above.

You might be surprised to learn the majority of MSS are rejected for a very simple reason.

Sloppy presentation. 

Ask any editor or publisher and they will tell you they are literally plagued – daily - by manuscripts full of bad spelling, dodgy grammar and terrible formatting!

But hey, this actually makes their jobs easier – because a badly presented MS, with just a couple of spelling and or grammatical mistakes in the first few lines will have your work heading for the trash bin faster than you can say William Shakespeare!

Tragic but true.

The best ideas in the world will simply not get read if you don’t learn to self edit consistently well. 

Because the fact is, there are ‘rules’ – obvious to editors and publishers – but sometimes not so obvious to writers.

So - what’s the best and easiest way to increase you chances of acceptance?

Know what is required. 

And that’s where this brand new ‘Easy Way to Write’ package comes in. It’s an absolute must for every aspiring writer – as important as a dictionary or thesaurus or any other writer’s reference book.

Doing the Write Thing: The Easy Way to Self-Edit by Sarah White is 121 fact filled pages of the most helpful writing advice you’ll ever find in one ebook. 

And Sarah should know. She’s an editor herself. She knows exactly what’s needed to make the difference between publication and being consigned to the trash. 

In her new book, you will discover:

Exactly what an editor is thinking when they’re going over
  your MS

The correct use of Syntax, Punctuation and Grammar

Which words and phrases are commonly misused or

The correct uses of Attribution, Interjection, Parallelism
   and Dangling Participles

A complete Self Editor’s Checklist

How to correctly use Verbs, Adverbs and Adjectives

How to effectively use the Active and Passive voice

Ways to ‘strip the fat’, and create ‘balance’ in your work

A thorough self-editor’s ‘Toolbox’ of resources 

And much, much more…

Never before in one volume have the ‘rules’ of good writing been so completely laid bare in such an easy to read and entertaining format.

You’ve just got to get hold of your own copy. It’s a virtual manual to success!

Click here to get your copy now!

There’s more.

As well as this superb addition to your writing resources, you’ll also receive, at no extra cost, the classic,
Elements of Styleby William Strunk. 

First written in 1918, this book is still widely published today. It’s considered by many to be the definitive book about written English. 

Never before available as an ebook, this is ‘must have’ for all writers. 

Go here to get both books:


But that’s not all.

As a special bonus, Sarah has also created the ultimate guide to submitting work to agents and publishers. In a short, easy to read format,
The Easy Way to Write Queries covers everything you need to know in this crucial area of expertise. 

But wait!

As if that wasn’t enough, Sarah and I have also put together a ten-part email course on
Becoming a More Professional Writer

Sign up for this package today and for the next ten days, you’ll receive invaluable tips and strategies to help you pursue your writing dreams. 


Now that’s a great deal. Big time.

And, in the spirit of good will, we’re virtually giving away this amazing
Easy Way to Write Self-Editing package at less than half price – but for a very limited time!

This package is set to sell for US$47. But, if you order now, for just
US$23, you'll get:

1 - ‘Doing the Write Thing: The Easy Way to Self-Edit’

AND you'll also get the following bonuses, designed to kick-start your professional writing career:

2 - ‘The Elements of Style’

3 - ‘The Easy Way to Write Successful Queries’

4 - ‘The Easy Way to Write Guide to Becoming a More
         Professional Writer’ ten-part email course.

Go here now to secure this dream package:


This amazing deal is also backed by the unique ‘Easy Way to Write Lifetime Guarantee'. If at any time in the future you want your money back, just ask and you’ll receive a prompt and full refund. We won't even ask you to return any of the bonus ebooks. They're yours to keep!

That’s how confident we are that you’ll just love this package!


To your success,


Creating Better Writers

PS: The information contained in this package is everything you need to know as a serious writer. You really can’t afford NOT to know this stuff.

I guarantee your acceptance rate will skyrocket if you apply just a fraction of the information you receive. 

PPS: And don’t forget – that guarantee is for life! 





         Last updated: February 19, 2007