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The Easy Way to Write Screenplays


Dear Fellow Writer,

Did you know the average movie script is less than 15,000 words long? That's roughly the length of just 2 or 3 short stories! Easy to do, right? Nothing so hard as a novel!

And did you know the average movie script options for $10,000!!! Some as much as $1,000,000 - for just 15,000 words!

What are waiting for? You can do this!

The course is live and fully interactive. I'll also be running a special members only forum where we can come together to discuss the lessons, the screenwriting process and enjoy chatting about movies and movie making for the next eight weeks. What could be more fun than that?

Buy now, click here


Course contents:

Week One: Becoming a Screenwriter - the pre-requisites. How you need to think, feel and operate in order to best approach the craft.

Week Two: Ideas, Story and Plotting. How to use the pitch, the synopsis and treatment phases to help save you months of rewriting.

Week Three: Writing with Integrity and Purpose. How to bring your ideas to life and maintain your vision - and maybe even change the world in the process!

Week Four: Brass tacks. The Three and Four Act Structure. Understanding scene composition and formatting the first draft.

Week Five: Rewriting. Swapping scripts, helping each other hone our stories. The importance of accepting criticism and reworking ideas where necessary.

Week Six: The Final Draft. How to ensure you are objective and have approached screenwriting with ruthless professionalism.

Week Seven: The Pitch. Now that it's done, where to go, who to contact, how and why - more especially what NOT to do at this stage.

Week Eight: Raising Finance. How to follow up and generate interest, funding and sponsorship. Joint venturing and where to find 'Sugar Daddies.'

Sign up NOW and you'll ALSO receive PDF versions of these SIX classic film scripts:

American Beauty

Independence Day

Thelma and Louise

Citizen Kane


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

These are all excellent examples of the genre that you can study and learn heaps from at your own leisure.

So if you'd like to join me for 8 weeks of expert scriptwriting tuition - with all the feedback, advice and guidance you need, then just go to the link below to join in the fun:

Buy now, click here

You'll receive full instructions after paying via Clickbank's completely secure server, using either a card or online check or via PayPal.

As always with Easy Way to Write resources, there's a no quibble money back guarantee.

Click here now – Lesson One will reach you in a few moments


Keep writing



PS: Oh, and I forgot to mention. This wonderful opportunity will only set you back a pittance: $87 - less than $11 a lesson. And listen, I've done the research - that's roughly a TENTH of what this would cost you anywhere else. Go here now:

Click here and Start YOUR screenwriting career today!




         Last updated: February 19, 2007