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The Writer's Journal: 
A fascinating and intimate investigation into the origins and power
of your personal creativity.

An invaluable resource from bestselling author,
M Kenyon Charboneaux


Here's a little story from Rob Parnell:

Once upon a time, a young girl met a famous writer.

She was too na´ve to be intimidated by this great man and they struck up a friendship.

"I want to be a writer," she told him proudly. "But I don't know how to start."

"You must see the world," he said, "and experience it fully."

She frowned and said uncertainly, "I can do that."

"And keep a journal, my dear. Record everything."

And that's what the young girl did: traveled extensively, leading an almost nomadic existence, voraciously experiencing all that life and love could offer until, thirty years later, she became a bestselling author and the one of the best writing teachers the Net has ever known.

Yes, that young girl was our very own M Kenyon Charboneaux.

And the writer? None other than Arthur Miller.

The 'Easy Way to Write' is proud to present a stunningly original new e-course:

The Writer's Journal, a fascinating and intimate
investigation into the origins of personal creativity.



If you take your writing at all seriously, I urge you to take this unique opportunity to learn how you can use your personal writing journal to improve your writing in all areas, how it can completely banish writers' block and improve your storytelling and characterization skills no end.

As always, Kenyon's style is frank, compelling and her knowledge breathtaking.

Take this 6 weeks of highly original lessons, exercises and discussion and I'm predicting it could literally change your life.

Think I'm exaggerating? Well, I have an advantage over you - I've been privy to course's construction and have been absolutely blown away by the information, resources and sheer wisdom of Kenyon's teaching.

Not all writers keep journals. My own are sporadic. But after hearing Kenyon's words on the subject, I'm convinced keeping one is the secret weapon of the serious writer - and I'm sure you will too.

This is how the course is set up:

Week 1 - Introduction & First Assignment

Week 2 - The Mechanics of Keeping A Journal

Week 3 - A Concise Look At The Different Types of Journals

Week 4 - The Writer's Journal as Seedbed, Way to Unleash Creativity & Cure for Writer's Block and Writer's Lock

Week 5 - The Writer's Journal as Journey into the Personal Life Mythos

Week 6 - The Writer's Journal as Immortality

The course is be fully interactive, with a special members only chat group created to spawn discussion and debate as we go along.

Register now - the course starts the moment we receive your fee.

We believe this exciting new look at the Writer's Journal is not just another writing course but actually a whole new way of defining yourself as artist, creator and writer. And that's got to be life changing.

Come. Join us.

Click Here to Order Now
Totally secure server

Click on the above link to purchase this brand new fully interactive 6-week course for only $94 (or just $47 to Fiction Factor subscribers, if you order NOW!)

Keep writing - and journaling!



PS: If you can see the link below, you can claim the discounted price of just $47 for the entire course by clicking here now:







         Last updated: February 19, 2007