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A number of free writing courses are currently available:


*Writing for Profit: Break into Magazines

*Outside the Square Fiction Workshop

*Ebook Marketing Secrets Course

*Short Story Writing Workshop

*5 Part Copywriting Course


 Holly Lisle's FREE Plot Outline Course

Nick Daws Five Part
Quick Cash Writing Secrets Mini-Course

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Book Proposal Secrets Mini-Course
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Not Quite Free, But Very Close!

Holly Lisle's How to Revise Your Novel (Lite)
- Only $5

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* Please note: You will automatically be added to the Writer to Writer ezine when subscribing to these courses.

** Please also note:  There is NO individual feedback supplied with any of the free courses supplied. If you require feedback, please check out our workshops, which are run by qualified and experienced instructors.

My privacy statement: I will never, ever, (even under torture, threat of eating seafood or having my chocolate supply revoked) give away, sell, or divulge your details.


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Holly Lisle's FREE Plot Outline Course:


Need to learn to outline your plot without taking all the fun out of writing your story?

Take Holly Lisle's 7-Week Professional Plot Outline Course Absolutely FREE.

Sign up below, and start class within about a minute, no matter what time of day or night.

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Writing for Profit: Break into Magazines - Mini-Ecourse:

Discover how you can earn serious money as a writer - by writing for magazines! This mini-ecourse contains many of the essential concepts necessary to become a magazine writer, and can be applied by anyone who can write a cohesive letter!

Not only does magazine writing bring lots of serious cash, it also opens many other doors in the publishing arena.

As with all our courses, this is a double opt-in system, so you need to confirm your request before the first lesson arrives.

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Outside the Square Fiction Workshop Six-Part Mini-eCourse:

You've heard lots about Cheryl's ebook Outside the Square Fiction Workshop, but still not sure it's right for you.

This free mini-ecourse will give you a taste of what is included in the full-version ebook - at absolutely no cost whatsoever.  It includes entire lessons – without the exercises or summaries. (Lessons are sent five days apart.)

So... enjoy the course, and look out for your surprise gift in the last lesson!

As with all our courses, this is a double opt-in system, so you need to confirm your request before the first lesson arrives.

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Ebook Marketing Secrets Course:

Would you like to have your own product to promote; one that will earn you money over and over again? Then I strongly urge you to consider writing and publishing ebooks.

Ebooks are still one of the hottest selling items online today. All you need is the desire to write and publish your book, the willingness to put in some real time and effort, and the desire to start earning real income. I’ll teach you how, step by step.

If you’re interested in learning how to write and create your own ebook, and start watching income flow in from your very own product, then I invite you to sign up for this eight part course absolutely free!

As with all our courses, this is a double opt-in system, so you need to confirm your request before the first lesson arrives.

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Short Story Workshop:

This free writing course will give you some short story basics, but you will find that many of the techniques are just as relevant to novel writing. There's no obligation attached, no sales person, and no pressure to buy anything.

To sign up, just fill out the form (below), and you'll receive your first lesson in a jiffy. After that you will receive your fiction lessons and writing tips at easy to cope with intervals.

And you can unsubscribe at anytime if you don't want to continue.

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5 Part Copywriting Course:

This free copywriting course will give you some copywriting basics, as well as show you how profitable this side of writing can be.

This is one of the least thought about areas in writing, and yet it has the potential to earn huge amounts of money.

As with all our writing courses, you can unsubscribe at anytime - hassle free - if you decide not to continue.

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Web www.writer2writer.com