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~No-fee Writing Contest~


This Contest is Now Closed

Results & Winning Entries
Can be Seen Here


It's been a very long time since we held a contest, but finally  it's happening.

The contest is free to enter; zada, zilch, zero, nothing. (Did I mention there’s no entry fee?)

But… you must be a subscriber to the Writer to Writer ezine to be eligible. (If you’re not already subscribed, click here to sign up)

This contest starts November 12, 2009, and ends December 18, 2009.  *Please note new closing date.

The contest is sponsored by MyHelpHub, which is the publisher of The Wealthy Writer, Quick Cash Writing, The Ultimate Copywriter, How to Write a Children's Book, Novel in a Month, and many more.

There are two sections - one for published writers, one for unpublished writers. (Details below.)

There is one prize for each section, and the winner gets the choice of any one of the following books:

The Wealthy Writer

Quick Cash Writing

Best-Seller Secrets

If you win and already have each of these books, I will do my best to secure a replacement.  (But only if you have all three books.)



The Rules:


Please read the following details carefully. Entries that don’t comply will be disqualified without notification.


Ensure your name, email address and country of residence is shown on the top of your entry. You may also include your website address if you wish;

Please leave a few single spaced lines between your details and the start of the entry. These will be separated (after registration) for judging. This is to ensure anonymity for judging;

Entries must double spaced. Please do not use any fancy fonts - use something like Courier or Times New Roman 12 or 14. (In other words, easy on the eyes);

There is no entry fee, but entrants must be subscribed to the “Writer to Writer” ezine to be eligible to enter;

Limit of one entry per person; multiple entries will be deemed ineligible (only first entry received will be accepted);

Entries will be judged on their creativity; chance plays no part whatsoever;

Entries will remain the property of the entrant at all times;

Entries that have won or placed in other contests are ineligible;

Winning entries will be published in the 'Writer to Writer' ezine and on the “Writer2Writer” website, along with the name and location of winning writer. (And their website URL if supplied);

Winning entrants consent to their names being used on the “Writer2Writer” website and in the “Writer to Writer” ezine without compensation (other than specified prizes) in any future publicity in connection with this contest;

Judges and staff members of “Writer to Writer” and “Writer2Writer” and staff members of contest sponsors and/or their immediate family not eligible to enter;

Results are final and no correspondence will be entered into.


**Important: Please ensure that your name and any other identifying details (including website and/or book listings) ARE NOT shown in or below the body text. Entries that do not comply with this request will be automatically disqualified. This is not negotiable. Every contest has at least six disqualified entries for non-compliance of this particular rule. Don't let it be you!


Closing date for entries: 12 midnight 18th December 2009 (wherever in the world you live)

Entries and queries should be sent to writercheryl @ gmail.com (remove spaces) * - with 'Writer2Writer Contest' in the subject line. 



The Contest:


For Published Writers-

Write an essay of up to 500 words about how you got published, or what being a published writer means to you.

Don’t forget to include a snazzy title. (The title will NOT be included in your word count, but must be supplied)

For Unpublished Writers-

Write an essay of up to 500 words describing how you believe being published will change your life.

Don’t forget to include a snazzy title. (The title will NOT be included in your word count, but must be supplied)



Hints and Tips:

In the past a number of people asked me to supply hints about what I look for when judging entries. This is a difficult question, but the following may help.

Or not.

My favourite motto is "Rules are meant to be broken."  (And break them I do. But that doesn't mean you can break the rules for this contest!)

I take absolutely no notice of adjectives, nouns or whatever. Even though I probably should. I write what sounds good, rhythmical, and what I believe will please readers, and expect you to as well.  Using 'correct' English is the farthest thing from my mind; a good story is more important.

I look for spectacular openings, strong middles, good writing and punctuation, correct spelling, (for your country) and a good or unique tone or voice. The writing needs to flow well, and I don't want to be editing in my head as I read.  (Yes, it happens!)

Make me want to read on - if you don't grab my attention by the third paragraph, it's gone, and out of the contest.

A catchy title doesn't hurt either.

If you need more help, here's one of my books which is filled to the brim with tips to help writers win writing contests:

“I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer”

(Currently on special - 50% discount applies!)

Alternatively, take a look at Nick Daws book How to Win Contests. 







         Last updated: February 15, 2010