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The Writer2Writer.com website is very popular.

On average, we have 92,000 to 115,000 hits per month with around 5,700 first-time visitors each month. We get 200 - 450 visitors per day.  (These stats don't include our five sub-sites, which each receive 200-300 visitors per per month minimum as well.  The sub-sites are new, and are continuously growing in popularity.)

New articles and free workshops etc - all writing related - are added at least fortnightly, and this keeps visitors coming back.

The site is very targeted - it's aimed strictly toward writers - so you can be certain that your product is being seen by the right audience (a very targeted audience - writers).

The Writer to Writer ezine is also closely targeted, and as at November 12, 2009, has 7,708 subscribers from all around the world, and this is growing daily. Writer to Writer is issued bi-weekly, which means my audience are not flooded with messages, and are therefore more likely to read each issue. In fact, I know they do read them as I get feedback from readers after each ezine goes out. Many of my subscribers are also repeat buyers.

In regard to advertising, I am very meticulous about the advertisements I accept. First of all, they must relate to writers in some way; software for writers, books, ebooks. teleseminars etc. So if your product has no relationship whatsoever to writers, I simply won’t accept it.

Secondly, I won’t advertise scams or products that are rip-offs. So if your product is targeted toward writers but is not worth the money, again, I won’t advertise it. As you can see, I’m pretty selective about what I will advertise. (The majority of products promoted on this site are personally vetted by me or one of my staff members.)

If you’ve read this far, and believe you have a product that will pass the test, my advertising rates are shown below. Email me with your advertising submissions: write_cheryl @ optusnet.com.au (please remove the spaces.)

I accept payment via PayPal, or if you are in Australia, I will accept cheques. All fees shown are in US dollars.




Newsletter Advertising:

Up to six 65 character lines

*An absolute maximum of three paid advertisements
will be accepted per issue.

Top Sponsor position:

One issue: $35

Two issues:  $70

Three issues:  $95 (save $10)

If you opt for three or more issues, they do not have to be
subsequent issues – your choice entirely.

Middle Sponsor position:

One issue: $25

Two issues:  $50

Three issues: $65 (save $10)


Send payment via PayPal to:
cheryl @ writer2writer.com

Solo Ads:

Solo Ads are sent - at most - twice per month. That's because I won't flood my subscribers with unnecessary emails. 

All adverts need to be writing-related in some way, and
should be a maximum of 75 lines.

Solo Mailing: $95

Send payment via PayPal to:
cheryl @ writer2writer.com

Website Advertising:


I'm no longer doing website adverts - for every page - on the main site, as it now has literally hundreds of pages, and it is too much work for too little return.

However, I will do adverts for specific pages. 

As a guide, our busiest pages are:

*Article Listings
*Free Courses
*Writer's Guidelines

An image can be placed on any on those pages for $45 per month per image/page.  Multiple months (without any time gap), will attract a discount of 7%. Multiple months (again, without gap) on all or most of these pages, I'll work out an even better discount for you.

Contact me to discuss your individual needs - or if you have a preference for a page other than those listed above:



For the sub-sites, each page is possible, but these will only be added to the side panels.  If you have specific pages in mind, contact me to discuss the details.



Writers Wanted - Market Listings
& Contest Listings

Writers Wanted: This is a free listing. We are happy to include any listing which offers writers an opportunity to submit and receive payment for their words.  We will not place notices about opportunities for which their is no payment.


Anthologies: We are also happy to include anthology listings, but again, there must be payment involved.

Contests: Please send your contest notices to write_cheryl@optusnet.com.au - if the information is very long, we may place a condensed version in the newsletter, adding a link to a page where full information can be found.

*Please note we will not advertise writing contests that have a high entrance fee but low payout, or appear to be scams.

This website is a scam-free zone!


Terms and Conditions:

Please check all advertising copy carefully. We will not be responsible for incorrect spelling or faulty links.

Allow approximately one week prior to advertisement launch date if possible. Late placement may result in non-publication - due to scheduling issues.

All advertisements must be paid in full prior to commencement.

Payment via PayPal is preferred, but can be paid by cheque in Australian dollars with prior arrangements.

The owner of Writer2Writer reserves the right to refuse any advertisement deemed unsuitable.

Writer2Writer will not accept advertising for products which don't directly relate to writing or publishing. This is not negotiable.

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         Last updated: August 31, 2012