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September 2013


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I cannot believe how long it's been since I sent out the last newsletter.

Things have been pretty full-on in my household.  My grandson's emotional situation continued to deteriorate as the weeks went on, and he ended up being moved from his high school to a special 'program' for a whole school term.

It was a long, slow, process, but we could see a major change in him.

Once he graduated from that program (which was at the Adolescent Recovery Centre), he was then transferred to a school that is geared up for teenagers in similar situations.

Most students there have PTSD or similar.

It's a very low-key school, with only 100 students enrolled. It's been great for Curtis, and he's settled in extremely well.

We were almost at the end of all that upheaval when I ripped my arm open on a piece of metal. (Of course it was my dominant arm!)  I had to get 'glue stitches' as it was too jagged for normal stitches.  That put me out of action for nearly a month.

It's not perfect yet, but at least now I can type and do other things.  There's quite a lump there, and my doctor told me there's scarring under the skin, but it should go away eventually.

Just to top it off, and probably because of the injury, I've been fighting a chest infection for several weeks. I finally feel as though the antibiotics are beginning to work.

With all this going on, I've done virtually no writing. (A few thousand words only.) I'm still (still!) trying to finish my current WIP, and would really like to have it completed soon.  There's only about 7,000 words left to write!!

One of the things I have managed to do over the past few months is to buy and work my way through B.J. Daniels Kindle book "Write Your Damn Book".

As you may know, I've been in a writing slump for close to a year - I'm sure as a result of the stress from the above issues.

B.J. Daniels' book actually got me writing again.  It's a great book, but you don't just read this one, you work your way through it. I've written the opening to my next novel while working through this book. (But I have to finish my current one before I can keep going!)

I've also written several scenes for my current almost-finished book.

I highly recommend it, and want to let you know it's very inexpensive. (US$3-99 at the time of writing this.)

Here's that link again:  "Write Your Damn Book"

In my opinion, this is a book that every fiction writer should have in their arsenal!

I'm having a leisurely (no work!) weekend away in a week's time, and I'm sure it will do me a world of good having a relaxing weekend doing virtually nothing.

Til next time…




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