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March 2012 - Issue One


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This should have been issue two of the newsletter, but sadly it's issue one.

I've suffered with a debilitating migraine the past few weeks, and it's only now getting under control.

It started a few days before my last transfusion of Intragam, and continued until a few days ago.

The Intragam is notorious for causing headaches, so when you start off with one, it certainly doesn't help. (For those who don't know, the Intragam transfusions are the treatment for my low immunity.  These are done every four weeks.)

I've had a few treatments for migraines (chiropractic and Chinese massage) and it's now finally almost gone.

Add to that a sick kid, and the past few weeks have been rather difficult.

I am taking things as easy as possible, and the heat pack has become my new best friend. *I was in a serious car accident many years ago, which is the reason I get migraines. Thankfully, they're not usually as unrelenting as this.

Our article this time around is from Dawn Carrington, and continues on with the series of articles on creating and marketing book trailers.

Okay, that's it for this issue. 

Til next time…




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Kindle books can be read anywhere, anytime. The Kindle platform has matured, it's the future of electronic publishing.


Want to learn more? Visit this website right away

(To get your $12 subscriber discount click here after visiting the site above for full info.)

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Buzzing Into
Book Sales

(Part Five)

ęDawn Carrington - All Rights Reserved


Now let’s talk about those sales. Before you can begin to track if your video is increasing your sales, you have to have a point of reference. How were your sales before you began the campaign? You’ll need much more than just your current royalty statement if you want to keep real-time track so you’re going to need to do several things which you might consider tedious. However, you’ll soon discover why these are necessary tasks.

Once you’ve uploaded your video and followed the steps in my previous posts, prepare a list of distributors your publisher utilizes. Though I’ll only be including information from the top distribution sites, you can use these tips to track your sales at other sites as well.

You’re going to visit each of these sites and check for the following:


Customer reviews if you have any which were written before your book video campaign. If you have reviews, were they Amazon Verified purchases (you can discover this below the reviewer’s name)? Write down the date of the review.

Your current sales rank. Don’t be discouraged by the number; just write it down.

Your book’s rating.

You can follow basically the same steps at Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and Borders if your book is available in print.

If your book is available as an e-book and your publisher utilizes distributors, you’ve got a bit more work to do. You’ll want to visit those sites as follows:

All Romance

Search for your publisher and click on Best Selling. Find your book. Where is your book in the list? Write it down and then check for top-rated. Make a note of the rating as well. Remember that right now, all you’re doing is charting your current stats.


At present, all you can do for Mobipocket is to check your book’s rating. That will suffice for now, but remember that many times a customer will buy a book and not take the time to rate it. So don’t spend too much time focusing on whether or not your book has been rated.


Read the entire article here


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