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Writer to Writer - July 2010

Issue One

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I am soooo late!

Between school holidays, a chest infection, and a death in the family, it's been difficult.

But things are almost back on track, and the children back at school. Thank goodness!

Next weekend is my writing group's annual writer's retreat, which I'm looking forward to immensely.

My chest infection is giving me grief at at the moment, so I am resting as much as possible so I can still attend the retreat.  It's my annual must-attend event!

A couple of weeks ago I let you know about a Halloween coaching program I joined.  I've been having a ball, and have learned a ton.  It's a very expensive program, (US$497) but I expect to get a lot out of it, and to come out the other end with not only knowledge, but additional earning capacity.

The doors were closed about a week ago, but there's a possibility it may run again this time next year.

Last issue I told you about Holly Lisle's new download How to Revise Your Novel Lite.  It's still $5 and it's still the bargain of the year.

If you didn't grab it last time go there now to check it out.  I have no idea how long Holly will make this available.

Okay, it's that time.  Let's get onto this week's article. 

We have a guest article again this issue.

Copywriting is one of the ways I earn a large chunk of my writing income - I've told you several times now.

Our guest article comes from author, Dawn Carrington, who also writes for clients.  Dawn shares her expertise with us, and explains how to create magnetising copy.

If you're interested in this lucrative form of writing, be sure to read Dawn's article.

That's it from me - time to sit back and enjoy this issue.

Til next time…




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Do You See What I See?
Creating Magnetizing Copy

ęDawn Carrington - All Rights Reserved

Have you ever started reading a book only to put it aside within moments because it just didn’t hold your attention? Unfortunately for copywriters, we have a much higher risk of losing someone’s attention than a book writer does. Why? Because we have even less time to keep up the momentum once we’ve created a powerful headline.
As a copywriter, I’ve read so much material on copywriting, what you should or shouldn’t do, what works and what doesn’t, and what’s good and what’s bad. The directions range from simple to convoluted and some go so far as promising you’ll write copy that propels you to the top of your game if you’ll follow the black and white directions. If only writing compelling copy was as easy as painting by numbers, there would be a lot less unemployed copywriters.
Here you are reading an article about writing copy because you want to know how to do it right, to make your writing really pop off the page, to capture your reader’s attention and hold it until the last word. And I’m telling you there is no secret. As disappointing as that may sound, let me explain before you move on to another article.
As in novel-writing, what works for one writer might not work for you. You might read copy that is so powerful you wished you’d written it, but deep down inside, you know that’s just not how you write. That’s okay. It’s a good thing there is no secret because, if so, the only one making the money would be the person holding the secret.

Read the entire article here


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Postmark deadline: July 31, 2010. Winners will be announced and published on August 31, 2010.

Entry fees: Writing Contest entry fee is $10 per short story. Poetry Contest entry fee is $5 per poem. 

Prizes: Writing Contest First Prize is $500; Second Prize: $250; Third Prize: $100. Poetry Contest First Prize: $250; Second Prize: $125; Third Prize: $50.  All contest winners works will be published online in the Dare to Dream pages.

To send entries by mail: Include title of poem(s) or stori(es), name, address, phone#, email, brief biographical info. (tell us a little about yourself) on the coversheet, add a self-addressed stamped envelope for entry confirmation.

Fees payable to: "". 

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