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Writer to Writer - July 2009
*Issue One

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Last week was fantabulous.  No kids for five whole days. Woohoo!  We didn't know ourselves. (In case you don't know, hubby and I have three of our grandchildren living with us full-time.)

It was the first time in five years we've had more than a day without any kids at all.  <<<Bliss>>>

But this week they're letting us know they're here.

Next week school returns.  I think the kids are looking forward to it as much as we are.  They're getting more than a little bored - you can only do so much in the way of crafts and activity sheets, and after a while, movies and visits to the park no longer have the same impact.

I've been careful not to take on work over the holidays, and only had to do some minor revisions to a copywriting job I did a couple of weeks ago.

Alan and I went to Sassafras (in the Dandenong Ranges) for a few days, and it was absolute bliss.  The silence was deafening.

We booked a B&B, which had three Kookaburras you could hand-feed, as well as Rosellas that came to the door for seed.

We forgot to take our camera, but managed to take a few photos with our mobile (cell) phones, but still haven't worked out how to get them off there and onto the computer.  (lol)  It appears we need special software to do that, so we're looking around for something that's a reasonable price.  AUD$50 is a bit over the top to download a few pics.

I don't do 'idle' well, and found myself fidgeting quite a bit over those few 'relaxing' days.

A few people have asked, so I'll let you know I am working on another book to help writers earn an income.  Hopefully it will be ready in a month or so, but I'm a bit bogged down with other work at the moment - taking nearly two weeks off has taken its toll - so I'll get back to it as quickly as possible. 

The topic?  Let's just say it's related to fiction writing.

Before I get to our article for this issue, I'd like to touch on Michael Jackson's death. The media in Australia (and no doubt elsewhere in the world) has focused on this unforeseen tragedy.  I remember Michael Jackson as a youngster - I am only a few years older, having celebrated my 53rd birthday just days ago.

There's been a lot of talk about what he reportedly did to his body, his family life, and more, but the one thing that can't be disputed is the fact the man had a bucket load of talent. And that's the real tragedy - that talent, that indisputable  creativity and genius is lost to the world forever. 

Okay, let's move forward.

In this issue Judy Bagshaw talks about becoming a professional writer.  The simple fact of receiving payment as a writer does not make you a professional, and unfortunately a lot of writers don't understand this. 

I worked as an editor for two different publishers over a period of two years, and I can assure you, it's easy to tell the professionals from the amateurs.  Read Judy's article to avoid looking like the latter. This article is relevant to all writers of all genres and types.

I reviewed The Wealthy Writer last month, and was extremely impressed with the content. If you missed my review, you can read it here.

Okay, that's it from me - time to sit back and enjoy this issue.

Til next time…



p.s.  Have you joined Twitter yet?  I've been a member for a while now, and find it....interesting.  Join me?


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Become a Professional Romance Writer


 Judy Bagshaw
- All Rights Reserved.


It takes more than a publishing contract to make an author a professional. Professionalism is by definition the conduct or qualities of a professional person. How you present yourself and comport yourself can make a huge difference in how you succeed in your writing life.


For the past year I have been working in the editing department of a small press publisher. My area of involvement is with the romance manuscripts that are submitted and, if good enough, accepted by the publisher. And in the course of my job, I have noticed, with some shock and bewilderment, an incredible amount of unprofessional behavior. I am bewildered because I cannot fathom why anyone would deliberately jeopardize the chance they have worked so hard to have.


Take for example, the initial submission. It is not difficult to research your options, choose the best fit for your manuscript, study the established submission guidelines, and FOLLOW THEM TO THE LETTER. And yet, so many people seem to find this impossible. Time and again, our acquisitions department receives manuscripts in genres or sub-genres we do not publish. Sometimes cover letters are non-existent, or manuscripts are attached in the wrong format. Sometimes the synopsis is missing or attached rather than in the body of the email. All of these things are covered in detail in the submission guidelines clearly available on the publisher’s site.


Another downfall for many authors seems to be in crafting a decent cover letter. Consider this the editor’s first impression of you. If it’s poorly written, full of errors, long and rambling, or practically non-existent, an ego fest, or a pity party, the interest in considering your book is going to fade fast. It is worth every writer’s time to learn how to write a concise, professional business letter. After all, writing is a business. A simple Google search will locate all sorts of articles on the topic of cover letters.


      Read the entire article here



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