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Writer to Writer - July 2006

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Hi there Writers,

Once again I must apologise for the lateness of the Writer to Writer ezine.

You guessed it; I landed back in hospital a week ago. This time it was due to a severe asthma attack. The doctors told me I also had an ‘unresolved infection’ which basically means the pneumonia wasn’t properly cleared. To top it off I was dehydrated and had to have about two litres of fluid pumped into me via an IV line.

Apparently the latter was due to all the coughing I’d done over a period of hours. Every time you cough, your body loses moisture.

Anyway, I spent five days in hospital, and came home on Thursday evening. They wouldn’t let me leave until I’d had my four-weekly transfusion of Intragam (for my immune deficiency), which was due next week.

So I had to stay an additional day so the transfusion could be organised and administered.

All of this back and forth to hospital has caused a major delay with my current non-fiction book, so I (reluctantly) emailed the publisher and requested an extension of one month. He came back with an offer of three months. What a guy!

That certainly takes the pressure off. It’s just not worth compromising the quality of a book to save face. This was an unavoidable situation, and most publishers would be happy to accommodate under these circumstances.

Several things have happened since the last newsletter. All of them good for my writing career. Firstly, I was accepted as an instructor for Long Story Short School of Writing. To read my course curriculum and check out the school, go here:


In addition to this, I was invited to join Pegasus Writers Stable, which I did. To find out more, go here:

Pegasus Writers Stable is an international organization of professional freelance writers of non-fiction. The only requirement for membership is to have written at least three non-fiction articles (for payment). 

There are also many links of interest for writers of all genres.

Several months ago I began work on a new website – this one expressly for Australian writers. As you know, I strongly believe that marketing is one of the main keys to any writing career. With that in mind, my writing buddy and I began "" – this site has been a work-in-progress for over three months.

If you’re an Australian author, we may be able to help you with your promotional efforts. We have lots of fr^ee services, as well as some pai^d services.

If you’re not an Aussie, take a look anyway. You might get some ideas for your own promotions. The URL is:

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter/s – we have some great give^aways just for subscribing.

Okay, let’s get this show on the road!

Deborah Ng has another great line-up of paying markets, and also a terrific tip. Judy Bagshaw discusses common mistakes made by romance writers, and also tells us how to fix them.

Beth Morrow is away this month, so Carolyn Howard-Johnston has reviewed Peter Bowerman’s latest release The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living.

Roy A Barnes, whose articles have featured here previously, talks writer's block, and my article this month is on using titles to your best advantage.

Okay, sit back and relax with your favourite beverage, and enjoy this issue.

Til next time…






Quote of the Month:


Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.

- Margaret Chittenden



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Markets Round-Up July 2006

Deborah Ng - All Rights Reserved


It’s difficult to be motivated during the summer months, isn’t it? The outdoors, the pool, the barbecue grill, everything beckons. I suppose staying focused is one of those things freelance writers have to endure; I seem to be losing the battle lately. Still, I’ve managed to bring you a short list of some nice paying markets.

Natural Home MagazineNatural Home is dedicated to people who care about the environment, especially their own personal environment. If you grow your own or prefer to clean the house using "green" products, you may be a good candidate for contribution.


Read the entire article here


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How to Write for Magazines

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and how to fix them!

Part One

Judy Bagshaw - All Rights Reserved


I originally set out to write an article on ten common mistakes new romance writer's make. It got to be impossibly long. And so I present here, the first five. Watch for part two in the August issue. ~Judy



It seems silly to write something so obvious, but it is amazing the number of new writers in particular, and most writers in general, who "never have enough time", or " got too busy" to write. We (and I say we, because I've been as guilty as anyone else of this) seem to be able to find a million and one excuses for not finishing our writing. We get "writer's block", or "the phone just wouldn't stop ringing", or "I just had to get to that sale". Whatever the excuse, that's exactly what it excuse. Perhaps we're afraid of failing. Perhaps we lack some confidence in our talents.

But the truth of the matter is, if you never take the chance, you won't ever know if you could have succeeded as a writer or not. Get your butt in the chair and finish something to send out for publication. You may be pleasantly surprised.


This was one of the biggest flaws in my early writing, and I still have to guard against it. I've worked so hard to avoid this now, that I cringe when I see it in other people's writing.

Read the Entire Article Here

*This article is published at Romance Writer2Writer


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Easy Way to Write Romance

Romance outsells all other fiction by a factor of 5 to I, but it's also one of the most difficult genres to break into. Why? Because the competition is enormous.  The good news for you and me is that 90% of all romance manuscripts are reportedly terrible. This is because most new romance writers just don't understand the needs of publishers (magazine and book), agents and indeed, the reading public. This course takes a refreshing new look into the genre.

Go to  to begin your career as a romance writer!

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Do You Judge a Book by its Title?

Cheryl Wright – All Rights Reserved


As writers, we ensure that we use a great opening, that the content is spectacular, and each scene (in fiction) ends with a cliff-hanger. In short, we spend the majority of time tweaking our story. And of course, that’s the way it should be.

But how much time do we devote to titles? It appears to be very little.

I recently did an unofficial survey of both published and unpublished writers, and here’s what I found:

Most believed:

The title was unimportant

If the editor didn’t like it, she would change it

Makes no difference to the book

People would buy the book no matter the title

It was something to think about later… if the book sold

They couldn’t be any further from the truth if they tried.

Read the Entire Article Here


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Subscriber News:


Hi, Cheryl,

I'm happy to report that my University of Texas, Arlington, seminar, "Exploring the Creative Process," (part of the National Writing Project and the "No Child Left Behind" program) was a great success. The educators I addresses were enthusiastic and accepting, and the Powers-that-be assured the participants that I was most assuredly going to be asked back again, which made us all happy.

Darlene Artell Hartman
Conference Speaker
Author * Mentor


Hi Cheryl!

My new book, NCO: No Compassion Observed came out a few months ago and is doing well; I signed on with Tropic Wave Radio just four months ago, In Short Order at, and the following has grown more than anticipated; and I recently signed on a couple months ago as a book reviewer at This writing life is amazing! 

Thanks for the awesome newsletter! Keep them coming.



Sue Vogan


Hi Cheryl,
I’m an ex-pat Aussie and love to read your newsletter with its Aussie slant. Although I live in Germany, I’ve been having some writing success recently with some regular internet-based jobs. I now have a regular column about my favourite travel destinations, Russia and Eastern Europe, at, and I’ve just started to write daily for a travel-related blog at Thank goodness I was born in the age of the internet so I can write constantly and get paid for it, from a foreign country! Thanks as always for the great newsletter.


Hi Cheryl, just wanted to let you know my romance novel, Satin Sheets will hit the shelves at all CVS Pharmacies the beginning of August. Publisher is Premium Press America the Jocelyn Hollow imprint.  It will also be available at, and Check out my website for the cover and first chapter,


Roseanne Dowell


Christina Francine Whitcher talked with Judith Carruthers about the life of a writer on "Career Talk," the radio station at Castleton State College in Vermont.

To listen, go to and scroll down to "Careers in Writing-Fiction/Non-Fiction" with Christina Whitcher.

Christina is pursuing a bachelor's of arts degree in children's literature and writing at Castleton and plans to graduate in December 2007

Christina Francine Whitcher


Can you believe this? I just had another poem accepted for publication! The market this time around is the 2006 Binnacle Ultra-Short Competition. My poem "Scrape Rattle Bang" was one of about 60 finalists (out of more than 600 submissions). As a result, the poem will appear in their annual competition edition later in the year.

Last year's publication (which included my finalist poem "The Last Time I Saw Lisa") took the form of a deck of cards (business-card size) in a decorative box. Will history repeat itself? I'm anxious to find out.

For the first time this year, finalist entries will also be prepared as downloadable audio recordings--a first for me! (Here's hoping they record someone other than me reading the poem.)



Betty Dobson

InkSpotter Publishing


This past week marks the start of a new working relationship with JASP Publishing Inc. of Queens, New York. I've already edited a juvenile novel and a short children's story, and another juvenile novel is slated for next week.


Betty Dobson

InkSpotter Publishing



Congratulations to everyone for all this wonderful news!

**If you have any news, please send it along. (Don’t be shy – we won’t bite!)

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Fr^ee Online Conference:


& The Muse Online Writing Conference: Lea Schizas, Editor of "The Muse on Writing," and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, of "Frugal Book Promoter" fame are sponsoring a virtual writers' conference on October 9th - 13th 2006 -- very possibly the first online conference as extensive as this. This conference offers writers -- published or not -- to mingle with some of the publishing world's personalities, to pose questions and learn from them, and to partake in many of the F~R~ E~E online workshops we will be hosting.

Bookmark this site:


It is now possible to pre-register. Pre-registrants will be assured of a place in the seminar or workshop of their choice.

Come back often to see the newest presenters and workshops. Shel Horowitz just accepted our invitation and we already have dozens of others. Carolyn will be presenting on both book promotion and the craft of writing, specifically "Writing Sparkling Dialogue in 10 Easy Steps."

To check on the growing faculty and workshop session, go to:


How Do I?

No questions this month.


If you have a writing-related question, send it here.




Coastal Writers 'Prime Rhyme Time' poetry competition

Australian residents only

Open theme
Rhyming poetry, maximum of 40 lines
Closes 31 October 2006

Entry Fee : 3 entries for $10
Prizes : 1st prize $100
2nd prize $ 75
3rd prize $ 50

ALL entrants receive a copy of the competition anthology

For details and entry form email:  or send an SSAE to :

Competition Co-ordinator
13 Rockford St
Mandurah  WA 6210

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, the number one site on all search engines for "baby boomer women" is looking for your favorite summer memory from the 60s or 70s. Take us back. We want to reminisce. Submissions should be made to no later than August 1, 2006. The winning author will receive three books, a Friends Heal Friends t-shirt, a $25.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, and inclusion in the Our Voices section at this link,
The books are:
Baby Boomer's Almanac, by Tim Brolus
Writing Home, by Cindy LaFerle
For My Next Act, by Karen Baar



Postmark deadline: September 30

$3,500 in prizes, including a top prize of $1,000. Winning entries will be published. Submit poems in any style or genre. You may submit work that has been published or won prizes elsewhere, as long as you own the anthology and online publication rights. Entry fee is $6 for every 25 lines, payable to Winning Writers. Judges: J.H. Reid, D.C. Konrad. Submit online or mail to Winning Writers, Attn: Tom Howard Poetry Contest, 351 Pleasant Street, PMB 222, Northampton, MA 01060. Winning Writers is one of the "101 Best Web Sites for Writers" (Writer's Digest, 2005). More information:


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Outside the Square Fiction Workshop

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Get a Grip on that Writer's Block

Roy A Barnes – All Rights Reserved


When authors can’t find any new ideas to write about or are stuck in the middle of their manuscripts, the feeling is one of being mired in creative quicksand. This condition can be remedied expediently if you will apply the tips I have implemented to navigate myself quickly through the valley of the shadow of writer’s block:

RESEARCH MARKETS: I strive to follow this rule: "If I am not writing, then I need to be researching markets, and if I am not researching markets, then I had better be writing." Oftentimes, I come across new ideas to write about because I spend some time daily checking the market listings of newsletters and databases. The way editors craft their market listings varies from publication to publication, so you will eventually come upon a market listing that will reignite your creativity.

Read the Entire Article Here


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Now also available as an ebook!


* A complete list of recommended courses can be viewed here:


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