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Writer to Writer - January 2011


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I simply cannot believe it's almost February.  Where did January go?

Oh, I know - school holidays.  Ack!

Yes, I've had a 'ball' with the kids home for six weeks...  Not quite, but this has caused an enforced break. 

It is near impossible to get any work done with three kids running around each and every day.

So basically I gave up trying. 

School starts back in four days (but who's counting?), and I'll be very relieved when that happens.

Bored kids does not make for a happy household. <<sigh>>

Because it is still holidays (for some at least), I've kept this issue short.

In November I mentioned I was approached about leading a writing retreat in Fiji. Right now we're trying to gauge the level of interest in the course. Here are some brief details: the estimated costs are AUD$1500 per person, which includes 7 nights shared accommodation.

It also includes all meals at Daku Resort, organised excursions as per programme, domestic flights from Nadi to Savusavu, airport transfers, and course fees. It doesn't include international flights to Fiji.

If this is something you might be interested in, please email me and register your interest.  Again, we are only trying to gauge interest at this point, nothing more. (You definitely won't be committed to anything.)

We're looking at mid to late October 2011 to hold the course, which will cover fiction writing, and will include some one-on-one mentoring.

You can check out the website -  - where the retreats are held for information about the courses held there.

Feel free to let others know who may be interested.

Time to get onto the article for this issue.

Dawn Carrington has been a copywriter for a very long time, and has written an article to help writers break into one little known market.

It's certainly not a market I have thought about!

Okay, that's it from me [FIRSTNAME], time to sit back and enjoy this issue.

Til next time…





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Marketing for Authors:

Writing Book Specific Copy

 Dawn Carrington


Writers can write their story, but ask them to sum up their story, and it’s not so easy. Sometimes, they can give you a basic blurb, but it’s nothing that will catch the attention of readers in today’s competitive market. That’s why most publishing companies have someone who knows how to write magnetic copy designed to make a reader have to have that book.


Smaller publishing companies, however, may not have the luxury of hiring an in-house marketing specialist, and that’s where you can help. First, though, you need to know how to write it yourself. And it has to really sparkle if you’re going to sell your talents to a company that’s budget is already stretched to the limit.


To train yourself to write book cover copy, you need to be familiar with the market. Go to the nearest bookstore and spend some time reading the back covers of books. Don’t just focus on one genre. Venture into horror, sci-fi, mystery, and romance. Really read and pay attention to the words the marketing department has used. Jot down some notes. Ask yourself questions such as: how would I have written this differently? Do the words the writer used evoke imagery? Is my attention sufficiently captured?


You won’t always have the option to read the book for which you’re writing the copy, but usually, you’ll receive a generalized blurb from the author. Your job will be to take the copy and mold it into a work of art. So practice, practice, practice.


Pull a couple of books off your shelf at home and practice changing the copy into something uniquely yours. You’ll need to build your writing chops if you’re going to convince a small publisher they need you. So take the back cover copy of some of your favorite books and rewrite write it. Ask some of your respected colleagues in your network to read the copy and see if it holds their attention.


Read the entire article here


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