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Writer to Writer - January 2009 - Issue One

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2009 has arrived! Happy New Year, [FIRSTNAME]!

Have you made resolutions? Or perhaps you've set yourself goals.

I don't go for resolutions at all, opting instead to give myself achievable goals each year.

That said, I've been quite slack this year and haven't sat down to work them out yet.

I do have a rough idea of what my goals will include, and one of them is to produce more ebooks. You may recall I've been working on a copywriting course, but I've feedback that has made me rethink this decision.

My initial idea was to make it a complete course, delivered weekly via email over a period of several months. Because it is so intense, and so detailed, the cost would be much higher than ebooks.

Being mindful of how the current economy has affected most people, I've decided to instead present them as individual ebooks.  That would allow people to pick and choose which lessons they want, rather than have to take the whole kit and caboodle.  That would mean anyone who has certain knowledge wouldn't be paying for information they don't require.

The first book I will be releasing is on time management, and it's almost ready. My designer has created a beautiful cover, and all my future ebooks will follow a similar theme.  Because I've teased you somewhat, I think it's only fair to give you a sneak peak. You can see the cover on the right.

I was very lucky and found an absolutely superb designer who literally 'gets' what I want. I just give him a basic idea, and he comes up with the goods.  Brilliant!  (Definitely works for me.)


My aim is to have this book ready for release in the next few weeks.  It's almost done, but it's school holidays here in Australia, which means my day is constantly interrupted by my grandchildren.

For those who have recently joined the newsletter, (welcome!) I have three grandchildren (aged 9, 8, & 6) living with me.  As much as I love them, I do not love the interruptions when I'm trying to work.  I've basically given up for the duration of the holiday period.  We still have about five weeks to go. <sigh>

That said, I did an urgent copywriting job this week, so Alan (hubby) took the children to the movies.  I had a little over three hours of quiet time, and I'd not long finished when they arrived home.

Okay... I digressed, but I'm back. <g> 

I receive a lot of emails from writers who just can't get organised enough to produce a decent amount of work.  If you can't produce regularly, you can't earn regularly.  So I decided it was way past time to put a book like this together.

I've included a lot of information, and I'm currently creating some worksheets to include in the book.  It still needs another round of editing, and then it will be ready.

You guys will be the first to know when that happens.

Before I forget, I'd like to ask you a favour.  It's time for the annual Preditors and Editors Poll.  The newsletter, site, and myself (as editor) have been nominated.  If you feel we're worthy, could you please go and vote: has been nominated under Writer's Resources/Info

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Voting closes January 14, so it needs to be done fairly quickly.  Thank you for your time in making this effort.

Time to move onto the current issue!

Because it's January, Cheryl Malandrinos has written a terrific article appropriate to this time of year.  There's lots of good information about goal setting and getting yourself back on track.

I haven't written my annual article about setting goals, but I suggest you check out this award-winning article, written a couple of years ago, but still highly relevant:

You might also like to read Stephanie Bond's Blog, which has some terrific pointers. (Scroll down to January 4 - Rebooting)

Okay, that's it from me - time to sit back and enjoy this issue.

Til next time…



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Motivational Quote:


We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives. Not looking for flaws, but for potential.

Ellen Goodman


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Tips to Help You Stick with
Your Writing Goals


Cheryl Malandrinos- All Rights Reserved



It’s the start of a new year and most writers are thinking about New Year’s resolutions and writing goals.  But like New Year’s resolutions, writing goals seem to be made to be broken.  A few weeks into January and you’re already falling behind on what you planned to accomplish. 


It looks like this will be another year filled with disappointments and unobtainable dreams.   


No, not this year!  


You’re going to focus on your writing goals, pat yourself on the back when you accomplish what you had set out to do, and make this year your most productive one yet. 


Here’s how. 


Write a Business Plan 


While it would be nice if you could concentrate solely on the creative side of writing, the reality is that writing is a business and must be treated as such. 


Write up a business plan that describes your mission and provide details on how you will achieve it.  You can use this business plan to set your goals. 


Post your business plan in your work area where it is easily visible.  This will help motivate and encourage you to move forward. 


Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals 


One of the things I talk about in my Organize Your Writing Life workshop is the need to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely; otherwise known as S.M.A.R.T. goals.   


Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is vital to your productivity.  Goals that are too vague, unrealistic, or immeasurable can only increase your chances of failure.  You quickly become discouraged, begin to procrastinate, and soon abandon your writing goals. 


Don’t let that happen to you! 


      Read the entire article here



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  Submission deadline: February 1, 2009


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All Cup of Comfort stories must be original; true; appropriate for mainstream Americans (adult, primarily women); inspiring, comforting, and/or uplifting; and 1,000 to 2,000 words.


Creative nonfiction and narrative essays preferred (that is, incorporating such fictive elements as scene, dialogue, character/plot development, imagery, and literary word usage). Whether serious or humorous, the story should be authentic and engaging.


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