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Writer to Writer - February 2010

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Welcome to all new subscribers. 

I'm not really sure where to start.  I have so much to tell you.

I'll start with the big news - in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll for 2009, the Writer to Writer ezine was voted (drum-roll...)

"Best Non-Fiction Magazine".  Yes, we were voted #1!

Thank you to everyone who voted.  Without you, we wouldn't have achieved this.  We couldn't have done it without our regular contributors, our guest writers, and we certainly couldn't have done it without you! placed 3rd for Writers Resource/Information, and as Publication Editor, I placed 2nd.



To say I am overjoyed - and over-whelmed - is an understatement.  Each year we have moved further and further up the rungs of the awards.

Thank you for trusting me with your email address, and know that it will always be safe.  I have always strived to bring you the best and the freshest information available.

I have spent the past several days writing a special report for you.  It's nothing fancy, it doesn't have a spectacular cover, and you find won't it for sale anywhere. 

This report is especially for writers, and talks about writer's websites - whether you need one, what to include, what not to include etc.  No matter if you're using a designer, or you create and maintain your website yourself, this report could prove invaluable.  I've also included a special report about Twitter inside the report, so make sure you grab this 12 page report. Download it Here.

You may have noticed above that I've discounted Outside the Square Fiction Workshop.  Many writers have said they'd like to purchase this ebook, but can't afford the outlay right now. Since we're at the start of a new year, it's the perfect time to learn something new. 

Because I want you to see results in your writing career, I've reduced the book by 25%, saving you $6-74.  But... I can't leave the discount on for too long, so for the next week only, you can grab a bargain!  Go here right now to grab your copy.

And now for the news you've all been waiting for - the winners of the contest!

The quality of the entries was high, and the competition steep.  The winners are....


Unpublished Writers Section:

Paul Callaghan from New Zealand - When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Be a Writer

Published Writers Section:

Rohi Shetty from India - Victory Against My Anti-Muse


Congratulations Rohi and Paul! I will be contacting you by email to organize your prize!


Special Mention:

There were no plans for a special mention section - it wasn't meant to be.  But amongst the entries was a story from an eleven year old girl from India.

Her writing was exceptional, and I simply couldn't let it pass me by without awarding a Special Mention to its author.

Congratulations Vanshika Saikia for your excellent writing!  I will also be contacting you by email to let you know about your special prize.

A couple of points of note:  I watched parts of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and was privileged to hear KD Lang's hauntingly beautiful rendition of Hallelujah.  A friend who lives in Canada sent me a link to a YouTube replay of a performance of this same song. Although not from the Olympics, it's still a wonderful performance.  I did a search around, but haven't located a replay of the Olympics rendition.

Dick Francis dead at 89.  Bestselling crime author Dick Francis has died.  Francis penned 40 novels, many of them bestsellers.  Read the full story here

Now it's time to get onto this month's article.

I recently ran an article from Indian writer, Lesley D. Biswas, about NGO's (non-government organizations).  Lesley works with NGO's regularly, and has agreed to help you learn how to from them too.  This month's article from Lesley is 10 Ways to Source New Ideas from NGO's.

Okay, that's it from me - time to sit back and enjoy this issue.

Til next time…



p.s.  Don't forget to grab your fre.e report.  You can download it here


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10 Ways To Source New Ideas From NGO’s

Lesley D. Biswas - All Rights Reserved



A good resource bank saves both time and effort that go into finding new ideas. Successful writers create reliable resources to fall back on when ideas dry up. One such resource is the non-government organization (NGO) sector.

Building contacts with NGO’s aren’t difficult. Remember, they survive on publicity and are as hungry for publicity as you are for ideas. That’s why the relationship between NGO’s and writers works so well. Contact details of their local bodies are provided on their websites. Get in touch with them personally and offer up some published clips to get them hooked. They’ll be glad to include you on their mailing list where you’ll receive update on upcoming events, new developments, data reports and press releases.

Shortlist five NGO’s for a start; each tackling separate issues like women’s rights, poverty alleviation, wildlife, education and drugs, to name just a few. Choose topics of your interest and about which you have a fair knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert. Once you’ve built contacts with them, you’ll receive tons of information that will help you understand their work better.

Besides the string of ideas that you receive through their mailings, here are ten ways to source more ideas.

1. Anniversaries. All newspapers carry anniversary pieces. A plantation drive by an NGO commemorating World Environment Day or a street walk by another to spread awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco on World Tobacco Free Day are ideas you can use. Make a list of the anniversaries that your chosen NGO’s celebrate; find out what they’re coming up with on that day and pitch your idea to local publications in advance.


2. Landmarks. Recently an NGO crossed the target of feeding one million school children mid-day meals. NGO’s keep reaching such targets which are newsworthy. Get informed about their ongoing project and the expected time of completion so that you don’t miss the opportunity on a story idea.


3. Survey’s and Analysis. Before the Copenhagen Climate Summit an NGO involved with environment issues conducted a survey to measure the carbon footprint of people living in a metro city in India. Its findings were carried by all leading newspapers across the state. Such findings will be sent directly to your when you’re on their mailing list.


4. Life of Volunteers and Activists. The life of a social activist and volunteer is always eventful, so build a personal rapport with them. You never know when they’ll be awarded for their service and you get rewarded with a firsthand feature story idea fit to be a cover story.



Read the entire article here


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