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Writer to Writer - Issue 2 - December 2007

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Our household has had an extremely eventful couple of weeks!

As you may be aware, hubby and I have been searching for a bigger house for nearly two years.  About a week ago a local real estate agent rang and told me he'd found our house.

I was more than sceptical since we need five bedrooms plus a study.  My specific instructions were four bedrooms upstairs, master bedroom and study downstairs, plus two living areas. Not to mention the double garage hubby insisted on.

He assured me that everything I wanted was included in this property.  And it was. We were literally blown away by what we saw.  Four bedrooms upstairs, with a huge landing that can be used as a living area if necessary.  It also has a huge 'office nook' upstairs, which I nabbed the second I saw it. <g>

Downstairs is a study, two living areas, master bedroom and another (small) bedroom with ensuite. This house far exceeds our expectations, and is absolutely perfect for our three generation family.

After looking for almost two years, we were beside ourselves with joy.  We had a second inspection a week later and made the decision to submit an offer.  Friday we signed the contract and on February 8 we will move into our new (huge!!) home. 

Our preference was for 90-120 days contract, but the current owners insisted on 60 days.  We probably won't have time to sell our existing home before we move. <sigh>  We are now frantically packing!

The other eventful thing that's happened is two-fold.  First of all, QPN Press - who I'd been editing for (for over a year) - closed their doors.  That meant the anthology I'd spent many months editing no longer had a home.  So I shopped it around. 

I contacted The Wild Rose Press, who decided to contract the anthology.  Not only that, they asked if I would become one of their editors.  After many days of discussions, I took up their offer.  I've found them excellent to work with, and very professional.  I'm 'attached' to the paranormal line, but am also a 'floater' helping out where required.

And last, but certainly not least, my latest ebook is now available!!  The Low Down on Niches has been released today, and because I want you to learn as much as possible about this lucrative area, I've included some terrific (and rare) bonuses.  The feedback I've received to date has been very positive.  This has come from both experienced niche writers, and those who have never treaded that water before. 

In a few days time I will release my next ebook, which is specifically for the Christmas Niche.  I expect to make quite a bit of Christmas - or new house(!) - cash from this book.  If you're still in two minds about niches, I urge you to check it out.  I earn thousands upon thousands of dollars every year from the sale of niche ebooks, and can assure you it's worth the effort. 

Let's get onto this week's issue: Cheryl Malandrinos has written a very timely article about over-committing yourself, especially around this time of the year.  And Jodi Webb brings us several markets in the Men's magazines area.

Okay, time to sit back and enjoy this issue!

Til next time…



p.s.  There will be one more issue for this year!  Due to Christmas coinciding with the next issue, I've scheduled it for around December 18.  I'll stick as closely to this date as possible!

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Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can't get there by bus, only by hard work, risking, and by not quite knowing what you're doing. What you'll discover will be wonderful: yourself.

- Alan Alda



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If You Over Commit, You Won't Submit:
Learning to Say "No"

 Copyright Cheryl C. Malandrinos - All Rights Reserved.


Tis the season of endless obligations--shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating--and you still have to fit in everything else you regularly do. It’s easy to over commit any time during the year, but especially when the holiday season is in full swing.

An overcommitted writer usually isn’t the most productive writer. With little time left in the day to dedicate to writing, your number of submissions can go down or stop altogether.

Learning to say "no" isn’t easy, but it is a sure fire way to make sure you don’t overextend yourself this holiday season.

First Step

The first step in any needed change is acknowledging the problem. Donna Birk, a trainer, coach, and founder of People Builders, states learning to say no is a three-stage process. In the first stage, she says, we have "identified our need to learn to say ‘no’ and make it one of our goals."

She also says this is where we will identify opportunities from the past where we could have said no, but didn’t.

But how do you use that knowledge to manage your time better?

Read the entire article here


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Becoming a Creativity Coach

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Market Round-Up December 2007

© Jodi M. Webb – All Rights Reserved


Last month we talked about contributing to women’s magazines. This month we’re going to check out the flip side. And no, they aren’t all about women in bikinis—or less. In fact, it seems many of the "men’s" magazines are ways for men to get the information they need without being forced to buy Women’s Day. Because both women and men are looking for information on the same subjects: health, exercise, relationships, travel, careers.

Last month I sold an article to a small women’s magazine about healthy snacking. When checking out markets, I found Men’s Journal had a similar article—probably for a bigger hunk of change. Sure, there are plenty of articles about pro athletes but there are just as many about treating exercising, planning a weekend getaway, and what vitamins to take. Break in with their front-of-the-book section that needs short (400 to 1200 word) pieces on recent news.

Men’s Journal


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Have you ever wondered why some writers seem to sell any story they write, while others seem to collect rejection slips?

Do you know what makes an editor
buy one short story over another?

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For answers to these questions and more, check out Lee Masterson's fantastic book for short story writers.

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Call for Inspiring True Stories


This is a paying market:


The bestselling A Cup of Comfort book series is now seeking submissions for these six new anthologies. Stories must be true, original, positive, narrative essays (creative nonfiction), and 1,000-2,000 words. Entrants pay no fees. Writers' guidelines:



A Cup of Comfort for Military Families


It has been said that military life is “not for the faint of heart.” But neither is it without its benefits and blessings. One thing is certain: it is an experience like no other—for both the soldiers and their families. For this book, we want positive stories about how military life affects the personal lives of service men and women (enlisted and officers), how family affects soldiers’ on the job, and how military life affects family members (primarily spouses, children, and parents but also siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts/uncles, fiancés, etc.). Any situation or subject that is significant and/or unique to military personnel and their loved ones is acceptable. Our goal is to compile a collection of inspiring or uplifting stories that cover a wide range of topics and reveal a variety of perspectives, experiences, and emotions specific to military families. Stories may be written by the service man or woman or a close family member; military service may be current, recent, or past.

    Submission deadline: March 1, 2008

    $500 grand prize; $100 each, all other published stories; plus copy of book


A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers


Few experiences bring forth as many anxieties, blessings, challenges, wonders, and changes as having a baby—whether it’s your first child or fifth, your birth child or adopted child. And nothing is as miraculous as giving birth to or witnessing the birth of your baby. This heartwarming anthology will be filled with birth stories and newborn homecoming stories as well as a wide range of stories about the various experiences, emotions, and concerns involved in adding a new baby to one’s life and family. Potential topics include but are not limited to: nursing (or not), caring for a newborn, bonding/falling in love with infant, lack of sleep, relationship with spouse, how siblings respond, returning to work, balancing responsibilities, post-partum depression, self transformation, unexpected joys, life lessons, small miracles, etc. The majority of the stories will be about birth children, but the book will likely include a couple adoptive stories as well. Likewise, most of the stories will be written from the new mother’s perspective, but we are open to including a few stories written from the spouse’s or a very close family member’s perspective. All stories will be uplifting and positive, no matter how difficult the situation portrayed in the story might be. We do not want stories that simply recount misfortunes and sorrows and that do not clearly reveal a positive outcome or redeeming result (silver lining).

    Submission deadline: April 1, 2008

    $500 grand prize; $100 each, all other published stories; plus copy of book


A Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families


The primary purpose of this book is to celebrate adoptive families and to recognize the extraordinary and challenging experiences that are unique to “chosen children” and their families. We are most interested in stories written by adult adoptive children and their adoptive parents and siblings, but the book will also likely include some stories written by members of the extended adoptive family (grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin), close friends of the adoptive family (i.e. godparent), and birth family members. Virtually any topic relevant to adopted children and their adoptive parents is acceptable—as long as it is authentic, positive, insightful, and uplifting or inspiring. We do not want heartbreaking stories about adoptive parents or birth families that regret the adoption; there is a place for stories of that ilk, but this book is not that place. All of the stories in this collection must show a positive aspect of adoption and must bring comfort or joy or inspiration to those who have been adopted and/or to the families who adopted them—no matter how difficult the experience and emotions portrayed in the story might be.

    Submission deadline: June 15, 2008

    $500 grand prize; $100 each, all other published stories; plus copy of book


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