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Writer to Writer - 26th March, 2005

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Hi writers,

It’s been a rather hectic month for me, but I’ve managed to work on my current WIP a bit more than I’d expected.

I’ve also managed to submit a novella that’s been sitting on my computer untouched for a few months, and I decided it was time to get it moving again.

This is a book I wrote years ago, and wasn’t happy with, so rewrote it. I’ve had mixed reactions to it – some said it was good, and others said it was not so good. I was happy with it until the latter comments were made, so wasn’t sure which one it really was.

Last Saturday I decided it was time to find out once and for all. I submitted a query, synopsis and three chapters to a publisher. Monday morning I had a request for the full manuscript.

I guess it’s not so bad after all. <g> Now I have to sit tight and wait for the decision.

This month I am 'Writer of the Month' at Writers Success - if you get a chance, hop over there and check it out.

On a more personal front, I have another bad chest infection. I was on very strong antibiotics for two weeks, and they did virtually nothing. My specialist has decided to give me a few days of IV antibiotics to knock it on the head. This is being done via the 'hospital in the home' program. I started treatment a couple of days ago: this will continue for five days, and I should soon be on the way to recovery. So now you can see why the ezine is late. (Mega apologies.)

I had signed up to do the BIAW (Book In A Week) this week, but that has to be delayed. Ah well, there’s always another time.

I recently found out that Brenda Novak was holding an auction to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes. And although I live in Australia, I wanted to get involved; diabetes affects a lot of people, and this was one way I could help.

I’ve donated a spot in one of my Fiction Writing workshops, and if you are at all able, perhaps there is a way you can help, either by donating goods or services, or by participating in the auction itself. Full details can be found under ‘announcements’.

Now to the current Writer2Writer.com contest: you may have heard that CoolStuff4Writers has closed down. From the information I’ve been able to garner, it will be reopening under new ownership. If you’ve been following the contests at all, you will know that CoolStuff4Writers.com has been the top sponsor since the contests began more than a year ago.

That left me with a major dilemma in regard to prizes. My good friend Rob Parnell has stepped in and offered to supply the prize for the current contest. The first prize winner will be awarded a copy of Rob Parnell’s Easy Way to Write a Novel – Value US$29-00.

Entry numbers are very low this time around, (only nine entries thus far) and I’m sure it’s due to the prize confusion. So… if you are interested in entering, go here to check out the photo, rules, and guidelines. (Quick reminder - the closing date is 31st March)

Thank you Rob, you’re a star!!!

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and check out Rob’s Easy Way to Write Website. And don’t forget, Rob’s Easy Way to Write a Novel book is the March Product of the Month at Writer2Writer.com

There are a couple of great articles this month – my article about writing characters from life will help you find character ideas, and Jennifer Minar’s interview with Jenna Glatzer is very informative.

Okay… time to grab your favourite beverage, some Easter eggs or rabbits, and do some serious feasting!

Til next month,


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Brian Tracy

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Creating Characters from Life

Cheryl Wright – All rights reserved

As much as we’re told not to use ‘real’ people for the basis of our characters, doing so can yield wonderfully full-bodied characters.

Many years ago, when working a day job, I came across an unforgettable young man. He was a natural joker, friendly, hard worker, and seven feet tall. On the odd occasion when things weren’t going the way John planned, he would use his height as a veritable stand-over tactic to entice other people to comply.

I ‘stole’ some of John’s characteristics for my novel "Saving Emma". And they work beautifully.

This technique will give you a whole new perspective on creating characters, one that I believe you won’t discard once you’ve tried it.

Draw up two columns – in the first column, write the name of someone who is well known to you.

Now write a list of their physical appearance – eye and hair colour, height, weight, and even the way they walk. For instance, do they stand tall and walk in a straight line, or do they sway as they go.

Now describe the type of clothing they normally wear. It is casual clothing, or perhaps they are more formal. This may be determined by their occupation.

Think about the different clothes they wear in changed situations. For example, a detective may have no choice but to wear a suit to work. When he’s at home, does he then wear casual clothes, such as track suits or torn jeans?

Think about his speech. Does he talk quickly, slowly, or at normal speed? (I once worked with a lady who was diagnosed as being hyperactive; she talked so quickly, most people had to ask her to repeat herself.)

Now give his language some thought. His age will make a big difference to the language he uses. A teenage may say ‘Oh man, what a day!’ but in contrast, his mother would likely say ‘I’ve had a cow of a day!’.

Now think about the personality of this person. Is he shy and retiring, or more open and outgoing?

What does he do in his spare time? Perhaps he’s a model train enthusiast, or he may prefer to go to the movies when time allows. Does he read a book in his spare time, or watch t.v.?

Now we’re ready for that second column.

I want you to study the first column. What you are about to do is ‘pump up’ your friend’s personality. If you think it will be difficult to rewrite your friend, give the second column a character name. (That is, if Peter is your friend, rename it to become Jordon for this subsequent exercise.)

For every two or three character traits listed, you need to change at least one.

If the hair is brown, make it blonde (for example)

If his height is 6 feet 3 ins, change it to say, 5 feet 7 ins.

For an outgoing personality, turn him into a wallflower, or somewhere in between. The character you end up with will be totally unrecognisable. At least that’s the theory!

During the course of my day, I often come across people who are very intriguing to my writer’s mind. One such fellow travelled on the same train as I did when I had early meetings at work.

His clothing was scruffy, and he was always unshaven. He slept across a number of seats, and always kept to himself. He looked to be Italian or Greek; definitely of Mediterranean origin.

I observed him for many months, and was often on the verge of asking him a few questions about himself. I never did have the courage to approach him; after all, he could have been a murderer, or an armed robber, anything.

So instead, I used him to create other characters in my mind.

About the author: Cheryl Wright is an award-winning Australian author and freelance journalist. In addition to an array of other projects, she writes a monthly travel column for a magazine in the US and is the author of "Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories" and "I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer". (Both available from www.writer2writer.com) Her debut novel "Saving Emma" was released January 1, 2005 by Whiskey Creek Press. Visit Cheryl’s website www.cheryl-wright.com

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