Writer to Writer - April 2006

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Hi everyone,

I’ve finally got my computer back!

Poor hubby worked so hard to get it up and running – without success - and we now know the ram was the problem. So I’m reunited with old faithful, and hope I won’t have another long separation ever again.

Apart from computer woes, my mother has spent quite a bit of time in hospital, which means I’ve been running back and forth nearly every day. After just eight days home, she landed back in hospital again. Her sodium keeps dropping dangerously low, but unless the doctors find out why, it will keep happening. They’re currently investigating.

All this running around has taken a toll on my health, and I’ve just finished my third course of antibiotics - and started my fourth course. Next week I have my regular transfusion, which can only be a good thing. But if the infection survives the combination of  transfusion and antibiotics, my specialist has threatened to start IV antibiotics. So I’m *trying* to rest to give the antibiotics the chance to work. Not as easy as it sounds.

In the midst of all this, I started a course at the local college. Thankfully it was a relatively short course, and was all about Front Page and website creation. The course ended yesterday, and I learned some terrific tips and techniques that I will be able to apply to my websites.

Many of you may not be aware that I have created and maintain at least five websites on a regular basis, so this information will be a definite benefit to my business.

(Now you can see why this issue is late!)

I’ve done some writing this month, but not much. Nothing like I’d planned anyway. In addition to the non-fiction book I’m currently working on, I recently submitted a novella – one that the publisher seems to be excited about, and also entered a short story competition.

On another subject entirely, you may have noticed that I’m now offering a number of writing related products and services. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that many of these are way over the top price wise. My aim is to purchase the rights to many writing-related products that I can then offer to my subscribers at a reasonable price. So instead of paying mega bucks, where legally possible I will offer it at a fraction of what you will find elsewhere. (Some of the licenses allow this, others are very limiting.)

One such product was released just over a week ago, and is called Ghostwriters from the Inside Out. Normally sold for US$40, you’ll pay much, much less as a subscriber to Writer to Writer. In fact, you’ll save more than US$30!

When I purchased Ghostwriters from the Inside Out I was skeptical. I really didn’t think it would be all that good.

I was totally wrong.

This is a book that will greatly assist writers considering ghostwriting as an additional source of income. (I can’t believe how much I learned from the book!)

If you’ve been to the subscriber’s download library recently – and I hope you have because I’ve added more goodies - you would have noticed a new link there. It will take you to a special page with a list of the current books being offered to subscribers at a substantial discount.

These will only be available at the reduced prices for a very short time. They will then go back to their normal price.

I’ve spent literally hundreds of dollars this month on purchasing books etc that will benefit your writing career in some way, so please do take advantage of the massive discounts being offered.

Now to this month’s issue.

Marilyn Henderson has written an article about using writing for therapy, and Beth Morrow has reviewed First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building A Complete and Cohesive Manuscript, by Karen Wiesner. This is a book I’ll certainly be looking out for.

Copywriting has been high on my list lately, and many of you have asked for more articles on this subject.  With this in mind, I've also included a terrific article by Chris Marlow on how to get clients to pay attention to you, and thereby increase your copywriting revenue.

My aim is to do something similar to this more often. If you have a specific topic you would like covered, do email with the details and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Okay, enough rambling from me. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage, and relax with this month’s issue.

Til next time…



p.s.  Look out for a big announcement in a few days.  I can't tell you any more now, but all will be revealed on Tuesday!






Quote of the Month:

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence and Determination

Calvin Coolidge


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First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building A Complete and Cohesive Manuscript

Karen Wiesner

Writer's Digest Books

2005, 216 pgs.

Reviewed by Beth Morrow©  All rights reserved


As a perpetual dieter and unorganized fiction writer, there are two things of which I am most skeptical: quick weight-loss schemes and programs that claim to help scattered writing souls like myself compose fiction from an outline. While I still haven't found anything to help my waistline more than following the good, old-fashioned adage of eat-less-exercise-more, I dare say Karen Wiesner's First Draft in 30 Days has me reconsidering--and almost excited about--the value of outlining prior to writing.

Like diet programs, I've tried every plotting/structure/organizing plan for writers known to mankind. From books to index cards to computer programs and everything in between, I accepted long ago that I'm a pantser (as opposed to the neat and orderly plotter) and that to try and organize my fiction writing process was an exercise in futility. While I write from outline in my nonfiction pieces, the impulsive, dynamic nature of fiction made me believe it almost impossible to reign in on the direction of my stories in advance.

Until Wiesner's book.

Read the full article here


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Ilona Hegedus has had a poem published in Greek magazine Universe Pathways. She also had a poem published in Samsdot Publishing's Bondage anthology and another one in Night To Dawn vampire magazine's Spring issue. She also did a website revamp. URL: http://ilonahegedus.topcities.com


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Hi Cheryl,

The warnings to authors were all correct: writing a good book is the easy part, making it known is much harder.

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Writing Is Good Therapy

© Marilyn Henderson – All rights reserved


The doctor is in. Please be seated—at your computer!

I recently attended a meeting of a group designed to encourage people who were dealing with vision loss to tell their stories. They were basically non-writers, and their stories would eventually become part of a book to help those losing vision realize the obstacles of blindness can be overcome.

The group members were encouraged to write or tape the assignments the coordinator of the group gave each month.

Also as part of each session, the leader read an article or passage from a book to inspire them or at least help allay their fears about writing. That day, she read an article she had found on the Internet about how to write a memoir.

Fascinated, I listened to the author of the article recommend exactly the same things I had written in a critique of a novel the day before, advice I have given writers ever since I began teaching. Show, don't tell, weave in descriptions of people and places, write in the active voice, create emotions in the reader.


Read the full article here


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How to Make a Potential Client Pay Attention to You

Copyright Chris Marlow – All Rights Reserved


Things are rapidly changing in the world of freelance copywriting...and probably graphic design too.

Like a cat that smells a rat, I've been on alert for signs of increased competition in the marketplace.

And while little things have been filtering in, not looking terribly significant by themselves, when I add them up with feedback from my subscribers, coaching clients, and colleagues, the picture becomes clear:

>Competition in the freelance copywriter marketplace is definitely on the rise!

The day I knew for sure was the day Sebastian, one of my past coaching students, emailed me with a hot prospect. The potential client said he had "several copywriters" he was looking at but he was especially interested in Sebastian because Sebastian specialized in his (very narrow) niche.

So what's so unusual about a marketer looking at several copywriters?

Well, one of the things I have my coaching students do is cherry-pick potential clients based on certain qualifications. That, combined with "fine tuned" niching, often sets the writer up with a nice, private mailing list of prospects who aren't the "usual suspects."

Read the full article here



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