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Generate an Income Writing for Money

I've been earning money from my writing skills for several years now, following a decision by my doctors that I could not return to my day job.

I have a serious lung condition, and along with that goes an immune deficiency.  (I have transfusions every two weeks to stop me picking up other people's bugs and contracting pneumonia.)

With the heart-wrenching decision from my doctors, I no longer had a job.

I had to earn an income somehow, and I had to find a way to do so from the confines of my home.

Since I'd been 'dabbling' with writing for several years - as a hobby - I felt it was the perfect job for me.  So I set about selling my work.  It wasn't as easy as everyone made it sound.

But I'm a sponge for knowledge, so I began studying and learning this craft that now provides a regular income.

This website is focused on teaching you how to profit from your writing.  It covers many aspects of writing, and will teach you not only how to write, but how to use your skills to earn money from your passion of writing.

Anyone who knows me can tell you I don't believe in 'get rich quick' schemes, and I also don't believe in 'free rides'.  You get from this what you put into it, so if you're prepared to work hard and learn your craft, you will profit from it in the end. 

But it's not always easy.  Even if you were 'born to be a writer' - as I believe I was, you still need to learn the concepts, the publishing industry, and understand how to go about finding work.  You also need to be continuously learning and updating your skills. There are millions of other writers out there who have the same end-goal as you, and you'll be competing against many of them. 

So... the first thing you need to do is focus on educating yourself as a writer.  Sign up now for my twice-a-month newsletter, and begin your writer's education. It’s free; costs you nothing, zilch, nada. (Did I mention it’s free?)

The ezine is not over-run with advertisements, and I will not advertise products that I believe are inappropriate, are scams or simply not worth the money. (Practically everything you find on this site has been vetted by me or one of my staff.)

You will find out about...

  • Recommended writing resources

  • Techniques to gain name recognition

  • Free Writing courses

  • Specials on writing-related products

  • Newly acquired writing courses

Each issue generally contains one or two articles, plus tips, and resources, many of them free.

And if you’re really lucky, you get to hear what I’ve been doing since the previous issue. (Hopefully making lots of money using my writing skills!)

When new writing-related products become available, they are offered firstly to subscribers, and wherever possible, a generous discount is offered.

The Writer to Writer ezine is issued monthly, depending on my deadlines at the time. (Yes, I'm a working writer - earning regular income from my writing - and I want to help you to make money from your writing too!)

As a thank-you for subscribing you will receive a number of valuable gifts on top of my marketing report.  These include Viral Writing, The Idea Virus, books on the 'how and why' of writing ebooks, web copy analysis, marketing, and other useful books for writers.

You will also be gifted a copy of Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter (currently selling elsewhere for US$47) which will assist with formatting just about anything.

Currently there is well in excess of $250 worth of products for you to download.

If you think this is a bribe, think again!  This award-winning ezine has over 8,000 subscribers, growing daily.  The subscriber numbers speak for themselves!! (And many of my subscribers have been with me from day one - May 2003 - over ten years ago!)

I use a double opt-in system, so you'll be asked to confirm - this protects both of us.  And you can easily unsubscribe at any time.



(To find out more about me, click here.)


How Much Money Did You Make From Your Writing This Week?

Join the 8,250+ writers who read this monthly ezine, and enjoy subscriber-only discounts and access to the exclusive and private download vault.

Grab your FREE marketing report, written especially for writers, plus two more EXCLUSIVE reports (valued at $27) - and find out about new products before anyone else. Plus much, much more.

If you want to make an income from your writing you NEED this award-winning ezine!

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My privacy statement: I will never, ever, (even under torture, threat of eating seafood or having my chocolate supply revoked) give away, sell, or divulge your details.



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Once you've joined the newsletter, it's time to get you started.  There are several FREE courses available on this site, and these are aimed at providing your first taste of how you can earn money from your passion.  Just one of my popular courses is the magazine writing course, where you will learn some of the concepts you need to know to break into this lucrative - and sought-after - form of writing. (*Most of our free courses are exclusive to this site.)


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Preditors & Editors
Reader's Poll 2015

Best Non-Fiction Publication


Top Ten Finisher
Writer's Resource

Writer2Writer.com was #6
Writer's Resource









Best Non-Fiction Publication

Best Non-Fiction Magazine


Top Ten Finisher
Writer's Resource

Writer2Writer.com was #7
Writer's Resource



Top Ten Finisher
Best Non-Fiction Publication

Writer to Writer Ezine was #2
Best Non-Fiction Magazine





Writer to Writer was #3
Best Non-Fiction Magazine





Writer to Writer was #1
Best Non-Fiction Magazine


Cheryl was voted #2 for
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Writer2Writer was voted #3
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Cheryl was voted #6 for
Best Publication Editor



Writer to Writer was #3
Non-Fiction Magazine

Writer2Writer was voted #5 in the
Writer's Information Section.





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The Motivation Factor (article) - 2006
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Cheryl was voted #14 for
Best Publication Editor


Writer to Writer was #13
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Writer2Writer was voted #17 in the
Writer's Information Section.




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